Are Your Jimmy Choo’s Necking A Bottle Of Perfume

How do you stop stinky shoes ?

OK here is the dilemma; you buy the shoes you have been lusting over for weeks. Finally an occasion arrives where you get to wear them. Instead of wearing them, you put them down and decide not to. Why?…You can’t face the thought that your sweaty feet could ruin your desirable piece of art – your shoes. So what do you do?

Botox for the feet right ?

I have been asked many times whether this is possible. The answer is yes. Hyperhidrosis or sweating as it commonly known is a big problem and the feet are no immune. lnjecting Botox correctly into specific points into the soles of the feet can cure this medical concern and stop the sweaty feet syndrome.

Toe Surgery ?

Some women like to take it a step further and also request toe surgery. They want to combat the sweat issue and improve look of their feet. The second toe on the foot can sometimes be longer than the big toe and this can become an issue of concern when wearing shoes. They want it cut-down so it falls in line with their other toes and looks more pleasing.

This is a cosmetic surgical procedure you should not take lightly, as I always say when you have botox you do not walk on your forehead, whereas with your feet if the procedure causes complications your mobility is at risk.

The positive about dealing with sweaty feet with botox is that you get to kill two birds with one stone. You eliminate sweaty feet and your sexy shoes remain smelling new month after month. Let’s be honest there is nothing more horrid than seeing your Jimmy Choos necking half a bottle of perfume.


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