Your Free Face-lift Using Egg

Yes, it is true let me reveal to you that the humble little egg can give you an instant facelift with dramatic results which last up to two hours. Two hours only you say – but that is more than enough to look decades younger for a night out. You will have everyone wondering how you are looking so amazing! Lets make this clear, I do not mean the egg yolk, this must be made redundant. We are talking purely about the egg whites.

I have always admired the power of egg whites and the goodness that comes from them. It doesn’t surprise me that something so special can give you a face-lift. They contain seriously high amounts of protein. Proteins are the building blocks required for a stable strong body. Plus they are also amino acid proteins, the best type of protein. They also contain complex vitamins and minerals including Vitamin B and Selenium. Both these help fight against cancer and promote overall better body functionality.

Ok. Firstly you need to get two eggs, crack them open and discard the yolks. Whisk the egg whites for 10 seconds. Now spread the egg whites with your fingers direct onto your face not getting too close to the eye area. Leave it on for 30 minute or so and then wash off with warm water.

This is the Dr Nirdosh Face-Lift for those who want to be frugal. The results are really good. Your skin will tighten. It will also firm loose saggy skin and make wrinkles seem less noticeable, the perfect short-term facelift.

How it works?

The eggs contain Vitamin A. Vitamin A promotes wound healing to wipe out wrinkles and increase the loss of skin elasticity. It also promotes the production of skin sebum. This is the oil that naturally moisturize your skin but production declines with age.

Organic Eggs are the only option

Yes you must only use organic eggs as they contain no pesticides. This way no pesticides come in contact with your skin surface. Lastly, if you experience any redness or allergy stop straight away as the egg face lift can cause skin inflammation.


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