Dr Nirdosh Reveals The Truth About ‘Whole Grain Bread’ And Why Your Brown Bread Is Not Whole Grain

So What Bread Are You Eating? WHOLE GRAIN – Are You Sure?


Whole Grain Bread

Whole Grain Bread

So Is Your Brown Bread Whole Grain Or Not?

We all eat bread and sometimes we make the conscious decision to switch to a more healthier brand. An easy fix always is to select brown bread instead of white – whole grain – simple. But is it whole grain? I can confirm if the bread does not state it is ‘100% WHOLE GRAIN’ then it is most likely not, and there is a big difference between simply whole grain and 100% whole grain

So whats the difference and why is it important

The Dr Nirdosh diet recommends 100% whole grains breads always, as they offer essential Vitamins, Minerals and key Antioxidants in the bread itself which are essential to our digestive, skin, immunity and overall longevity. If it is not 100% whole grain then it won’t contain the complete spectrum of good nutrient or grains. The grains on the bread at most times are seeds of the kernal plant . They have been specifically chosen as the grain of the bread because they contain the three vital nutrients that play an important part of your daily diet- bran, endosperm and germ. Other grains can be added to the loaf such as wheat oats and barley.

Multi Grain & Organic may not be 100% Whole Grain

Loafs that are not 100% may include organic and multigrain. They will contain refined grains and via the refining process a multitude of vitamins are lost but more importantly the germ and bran have been removed. The net result is a loss in dietry fibre, vitamins and essential minerals. The reason you were buying the loaf in the first place was to switch to a healthier option. This has defeated the wholoe purpose. It’s time for you to get smarter.

So Should I only buy 100% Wholegrain Now!

The short answer of that is no. Any whole grain is better than white bread as it does not contain the dietry fibres in the flour that the actual bread is cooked from. If there is a option to choose and your budget suits it  then choose the 100% whole grain every time. Now you are aware of the differences and the wider benefits  you can class yourself as an official Dr Nirdosh educated Whole Grain Bread expert!


  1. Check the label of the product to see it is whole grain.
  2. Choose grains that are low in Fat, Sugar & Salts.
  3. Multi Grain & Organic may not be 100% Whole Grain.
  4. Sometime some of the kernal is removed to prolong the shelflife. Check the label as this is considered not to be whole grain.
  5. Whole grains can only be classes if they contain all three parts of the kernal.
  6. Whole grain examples are : Rolled Oats & Brown Rice.
  7. You can eat whole grains on their own.

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