Why Apricots Should Always Be On Your Summer Beauty List!


Are Apricots really that special? Should it be on my beauty list?

The Apricot fruit should have its importance status raised because of how much it can do for skin and health. It should be widely perceived as one of the main power super-foods, but it’s not.  The reason it is simply overlooked it that it’s easily accessible and relatively cheap to purchase. We seem to have the mindset that if something does not cost the earth then it has very little value. Well let me introduce you to secret affordable gem that should be on your summer beauty list.

Apricots have a stricking orange like look and that vivid colour is not without substance. This peach-like fruits colour contains a powerful antioxidant – Carotenoids. As soon as you eat the apricot your skin cells are rewarded with Carotenoids – a poweful antioxidant that works on the exterior of your skin. The free radicals within your skin will feel the fight back instantly and you gain the benfits with a more dewy glowing skin complextion.

So How Do The Carotenoids Do This Simply From An Apricot?

Our bodies have the ability to create certain vitamins and minerals from the foods we consume and as soon as we eat an apricot the Carotenoids (Beta-Carotene)  released into our body convert it into Vitamin A. Vitamin A is a leading contributer to the process of healthy, skin, hair and eyes. So by simply eating this fruit which is not only ticking the box of your 1-A-Day but also you gain a power antioxidant and Vitamin A.

So how many apricots should  I eat to get the benefits?

Firstly make sure they are fresh as the older they get the nutrients also start to diminish. The plus side it that they are super low in calories and are fat free plus they contain teenie tiny amount of carbs – so you can enjoy Apricots as a guilt free pleasure. Some men do not eat fruit as they deteste the sticky feeling – what if I say apricots help regulate your heart rate and blood pressure -suddenly having a sticky fruit is a small compromise for eating something that is not only good for your well being but can make your skin look beautiful. 2-3 Apricots can provide you with your daily Vitamin A amount and just so you know they also contain Vitamin C, and E.

Dr Nirdosh | Apricot Tips:

  1. Try to buy organic so there are no pesticides.
  2. Dried Apricots have a higher Nutrition Value – but do contain more carbs.
  3. Experiment with Apricots in fruit salads, tartes and remember they do come in yoghurts and ice creams.
  4. Apricots do also contain Lycopene – normally associated with the humble tomatoe. Lycopene promotes good immunity and well being.

Apricots also help regulate your heart and blood pressure, they conatin a rich diverse source of minerals such as zinc, pottasium, calcium and magnesium.


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