EXPOSED – This Is The Woman Who Inspires Millions Of Saudis To Want Cosmetic Surgery

So is this the poster girl of Saudi Cosmetic Surgery?


Saudi women are flocking to London in their thousands for cosmetic surgery but who has created this desire in Middle Eastern Women to embark upon a cosmetic transatlatic journey. I have many Middle Eastern clients in London and whenever we talk one lady’s name always seem to be bashed around. The name is Haife Wehbe, a Lebenese Women who is pop star with a few scandels to match.


Has Haifa gone over the edge with the overdone puffed up look?

This woman as you can see has had treatments which have gradually altered the shape of her entire face. I can tell you she’s had a nose job, breast augmentation, lip augmentation, cheek implants, mini-facelifts, brow lift, chin implant, botox injections, and dermal fillers. As you can imagine conversations always rotate around how she has gone too far and become a cosmetic surgery freak. You decide!



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