Face-Slapping. The Thai Cosmetic Treatment to Erase Wrinkles

Looking for an instant fix for those wrinkles? How about a slap in the face? It may seem rather extreme however, a San Francisco husband and wife duo would disagree.  A Thai cosmetic technique known as face-slapping “helps with wrinkles, makes your face slimmer and makes your pores smaller,” according to Mawin Sombuntham, who co-owns Tata Massage in San Francisco.

The crazy thing is people pay up to $350 for this wacky wrinkle treatment. The owner’s husband claims his wife can slap any ageing face back into shape.

Tata at the face-slapping salon she and her husband own in San Francisco.

Dr Nirdosh states ‘this might not be as crazy as you think as the force of the slap awakens  facial muscles that have been dormant for years by dilating the blood vessels, increasing blood flow to the area.  This creates mini skin cell tremors that instigate recovery to stimulate collagen production.

Tata will return to Thailand this year to learn butt-punching.

“It’s ancient Thai wisdom,” Sombuntham said. “It firms and shapes the butt.”


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