PIP Breast Implant founder Jean-Claude Mas released from custody


With over 13,000 French women alone and thousands around the world having undergone cosmetic surgery to remove the rupture prone PIP breast implants, it comes as a surprise to many that PIP founder Jean-Claude Mas is released from custody. Having spent the last eight months behind bars, he is now due for trial later in the year.


French government scientists found that Mr Mas’ implants contained the chemicals baysilone, silopren and rhodorsil – normally used as fuel additives or in the manufacture of industrial rubber tubing. He has reportedly confessed to illegally obtaining the low-cost gel but denies that the PIP implants posed a threat to health. Studies showed that the sub-standard silicone used posed no serious long-term threats to health, but the PIP products were up to twice as likely to burst as other implants.

Worldwide it has been reported that over 400,000 women have PIP implants and in the UK 40, 000 women alone have PIP breast implants. The company was placed into liquidation when the true nature of the business was disclosed.  In December 2011, the government advised women to have the implants removed, “even without clinical signs of a deterioration of the implant,” saying they presented an unusually high rupture risk and that the leaked silicone could cause irritation.

Mr Mas is due to go on trial in April 2013. This will be a major worldwide trail which involves up to 180 lawyers as 4,600 complaints come forward.


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