So Why Do French Women Get Lip Wrinkles?


It’s called the ‘FRENCH PUCKER’ and to speak the french language like a true native, you have to close your lips quite tightly to pronounce words and vowels. You can see in the example below of Christine Lagarde.

Christine Lagarde – Europe’s first lady is French and has noticable lip wrinkles


The English language in comparison is spoken from the lower jaw whereas French is a language that requires your lips to be puckered quiet frequently.

A picture of Brigitte Bardot clearly exposing her french lip wrinkles.


Cosmetic surgery procedures at the Dr Nirdosh Clinic such as Lip Augmentation can correct lip wrinkles and iron out lines to give a wrinkle free area. This is only half the battle. Lifestyle changes must be implemented to prevent further wrinkle formation.  These include


1. Stop smoking

Years of puckering up to a cigarette and sucking in the smoke creates premature lip wrinkles.  The obicularis oris muscle around the lips becomes overused and causes wrinkles around the lips.



2. Be careful with laser treatments around the lip area

Laser around this delicate area can destroy the collagen leaving the lip area with saggy skin and wrinkles.


3.  Use UV protection

The suns rays destroy the lips skins elasticity as the skin around the lip area is exceptionally thin and prone to fine lines.


4. Stop using a straw to drink

Many women use a straw to avoid make-up disasters and to avoid teeth staining from wine and coffee. This movement is similar to smoking a cigarette. If you do this frequently you need to stop.



5. Genetics

Take action early if you notice your mother has lip wrinkles. Genetics are a powerful force and there’s every possibility you too will have lip wrinkles at her age. So take action now.











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