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Come and visit us at Dr Nirdosh | Pinterest  and keep up with our images and boards. It’s a great way to see the latest information about our site and promotions visually without having to really get involved with the text and reading.

Our latest pins have featured articles including Dr Nirdosh Tumblr | on Ageless celebrity women are driving cosmetic surgery trends and how unrealistic surgical demands are now becoming common practice; see Dr Nirdosh’s Pinterest Board here | Ageless women that set cosmetic surgery trends.  Also visit Dr Nirdosh | Daily Mail |  Breastox – the botox boob job and see how these are now in style instead of implants especially due to the furor surrounding recent revelations of implants. Patients want non surgical options and they want them now however unrealistic – so doctor need to express caution.

Come and add pins to our pages and join in the comments on topical pin boards and add to the great images already being seen.

Finally we have noticed a great deal on Pinterest about fitness and getting the perfect ageless body. The miss match information seems vast but not credible source so we thought we would highlight how you too can get the perfect one book that is an anti ageing and fitness bodyplan previously a leader for anti ageing on Amazon. Purchase the leading book by  Dr Nirdosh ‘Dr Neetu Nirdosh’s Anti Ageing Secrets’ and discover how to properly stay young.