Look radiant and youthful with Dr Nirdosh

Celebrities remain youthful regardless of declining age. Age has become irrelevant. The 40’s, 50’s and 60’s hath no fear. The new playground is youth. They relish the chance to defy ageing.
So how does one emulate and pre-plan for this age period – Dr NIRDOSH skin Treatments.
Dr Nirdosh Anti-Ageing skin treatments are an exclusive range of wide range of skin care supplements, and youth creams developed to block ageing from the inside out.
Dr Nirdosh is London’s renowned cosmetic doctor on Harley Street and leading non-surgical expert tending to a-list stars and celebrities. She is the go-to-doctor for ageless glowing skin.
Essential – non surgical checklist to consider:
• Botox Injections
• Dermal Fillers
• Face Lift
• Lip Enhancement
Include Dr Nirdosh exclusive:
1. Skincare
2. Supplements
3. Nutrition
4. Body plan

She states women can look exclusive if they know how.
Her non-surgical procedures are effective beautification solutions.


The requirements of facelift fillers by Dr NIRDOSH

Dermal fillers
Ageing is a process which will beckon. Problems arise when ageing surfaces without warning and intends to stay. A face lift is one possibility. Vast numbers of ladies consider a facelift on Harley Street and contact Dr Nirdosh to help handle this mini crisis. They want ongoing youthful with a dash of vibrancy and energy. A facelift provides this and allows one to look youthful and glowing.

For deeper wrinkled and sagging skin a facelift is recommended. With ageing, you start to become accepting however this is not necessary. In order to restore your face glow and firmness, it’s a good option to consider a mini facelift.

If you want to know more about facial fillers, schedule an appointment with Dr Nirdosh London. Renown leading Harley Street cosmetic doctor providing non surgical instant options including the Silhouette Thread Facelift.



Dr NIRDOSH is a renown celebrity doctor spread across Harley Street to cater for London’s finest and elite. With a client list of who’s who, she is widely recognized as a pioneer of anti-aging treatments. A celebrity cosmetic guru and expert in advanced skin care whose research revealed a real link between anti-aging and youth. Her principles are trusted daily by A-list celebrities worldwide.

Implementing the methods of her natural anti-ageing plan helps transform the body from an ageing one to one that defy’s the ageing process. Dr Nirdosh penned her anti-ageing tips to the public in 2010 in her ground-breaking book “Dr Nirdosh’s Anti-Ageing Secrets”. Following her lifestyle plan will teach you how to transform a face and body in just six weeks!

Her anti-ageing plan focuses on healthy diet, workouts, supplements and skin treatments. Dr Nirdosh has gained a high reputation among clients worldwide.


Official website: http://www.drnirdosh.com

Email: info@drnirdosh.com


Botox injections

London’s cosmetic doctor renown for ageless skin is Dr Nirdosh and being prescribed treatments by this highly skilled and experienced London Cosmetic Doctor has proven to be a joy. Known as the best Botox doctor in Harley Street, and rated number one by her clients, she runs a busy one-stop cosmetic hub in the heart of busy London. An in-demand doctor among high profile clients, she provides free consultation so one can assure they are ready for such procedures before they embark on their cosmetic journey of sophistication.

Dr Nirdosh Skin Treatments: Harley Street Cosmetic Doctor

Dr Nirdosh Skin Care Treatments have been created as a natural anti-ageing solution for skin. London’s pioneering celebrity cosmetic doctor and a leader in skin care treatments developed these products and showcases them in her book “Anti-Ageing Secrets”. She unveils her revolutionary plan of regaining youth.

Dr Nirdosh

In order to repair the ageing skin, the Dr Nirdosh approach follows three step: this includes the external, internal and the maintenance phase. Implementing these steps can help to effectively fight back and conceal age-lines.

 Anti-ageing wrinkle treatments by Dr Nirdosh:

COLLAGEN V.P. – Collagen V.P. is a special range beneficial to replenish lost collagen and re-hydrate skin cells to soften wrinkles. Dr Nirdosh products aim to hide the visible ageing signs and her advanced skin care treatments are applied externally via face creams and internally via skin supplementation.

Collagen Face Cream- This anti-ageing cream helps to smooth away the wrinkles and create radiant and elegance skin.

Collagen V.P. Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream- This wrinkle destesting cream targets the age lines to restore your youthfulness and treats dark circles and wrinkles.

Collagen V.P. Lipid Serum- This wrinkle treatment serum is beneficial to boost up collagen levels and smooth age-lines and plump the skin.

Collagen V.P. Anti-Wrinkle Cleanser- Collagen V.P. Anti-Wrinkle Cleanser is beneficial to de-fatigue, moisture repair and professionally cleanse skin.

Collagen V.P. Anti Wrinkle Toner- This wrinkle toner accelerates cellular repair to treat wrinkles and tone up the skin.

Contact Dr Nirdosh or visit www.drnirdosh.com for the effective treatment of age-lines and wrinkles!

Botox Treatment delivers; Dr Nirdosh performs

Botox Treatment

When one presides over the array of Botox treatment options, it’s imperative to be in the hands of a Botox physician who gains pleasure in delivering results as much as conducting the procedure itself. Immerse yourself towards a trouble-free surgical environment and efficient Botox doctor deliverance to discover the world of Celebrity Cosmetic Doctor Dr Nirdosh.

One of the premier Botox doctors in London, Dr Nirdosh is a medical professional with over a decade of anti-aging experience. Her primary concern about Botox is the end effect and one that provides clients to remain looking highly impressive. A consultation process ascertains the direction and has no charge attached. At this stage Dr Nirdosh will tell such things like how Botox goes through an incubation period to spread and take effect.

As a proficient, skilled, knowledgeable and certified Botox doctor qualified in The UK she is constantly rated as the finest Botox doctor in Harley Street by her patients,

Botox is a commodity to certain women of a certain profile, and rightly so, for this reason one must be sure they are tended to by a leading Botox doctor of credence who respects all patients. Dr Nirdosh endeavors to retain this high level of confidence and consumes only the highest grades of Botox including world leading Botox by provider Allergan.

The Harley Street London Clinic leads in:

  • Anti-Wrinkle Injections
  • Lip Augmentation
  • Jaw Lift
  • Neck Lift
  • Cheek Augmentation
  • Chin Implant
  • Nose Job
  • Brow Lift
  • Eye Lift

Dr Nirdosh is internationally renowned by A-Listers and High profile players as the UK’s leading cosmetic doctor. She is a pioneer of anti-ageing, a renowned author and self-appointed ambassador of character and glamour. For dermal filler injections and Botox simply book a free consultation today and visit her cosmetic clinic in the Harley Street.

All about Dr Nirdosh’s Anti- Ageing Secrets


Discover youth secrets and advanced celebrity body tips that expose how to look young and fresh to hide ageing effects? “Dr Nirdosh’s Anti-Ageing Secrets” is the renown book that unveils these secrets. Wrinkles and age lines affect our skin with an adverse long term effect leaving it in a fragile state. Dr Neetu Nirdosh published her skin secrets book in which she revealed her unique face and body plan which surges anti-ageing hormones back into the body. She also reveals easy ways of controlling age lines including simple exercises and normal diet tips with an advanced supplements plan which takes effect when using her skin treatments.
Dr Neetu Nirdosh is a pioneer and leading anti-ageing professional doctor in London, UK. She is fully trained in the NHS with a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree. Many high profile celebrities follow her revolutionary methods and take her skin treatments to look young and gain attractive bodies whilst on her plan. Her miracle plan will reverse ageing process and recapture your glowing face and body in just 42 days. Her unique exercise, diet plan, supplements and skin care treatments are beneficial to de-age and ageing face and body. High number of A-list celebrities and high profile men and women focus on her anti-ageing plan to get back their youth and to get stunning outcomes in just 6 weeks.
Read her book named “Dr Nirdosh’s Anti-Ageing Secrets” and learn how to undo ageing effects using simple nutrition, workouts, supplements and skincare to activate anti-ageing hormones. Implement youthfulness from the inside out and rediscover your younger sexy body again with Dr NIRDOSH.


dr nirdosh-skin perfection

The allure for younger ageless skin is not quite quintessentially British – however, it is becoming so.  Skin care and cosmetic surgery have become commonplace among men and women. Dr NIRDOSH is the celebrity cosmetic doctor to stars. Vast amounts of celebrities who venture in and around Harley Street have frequented her clinic for services and visit London for a secret nip and tuck from dermal fillers to an untraceable cosmetic facelift. She is renowned for treating high profile men and women with her unique skin care and cosmetic deliverance. Her perfection being’the cosmetic doctor’ is admirable all over the world.

Her expertise in treatments are as such:

  • Skin Care
  • Botox
  • Lip Enhancement
  • Jawline & Necklift
  • Wrinkle Injections
  • Cheek Augmentation
  • Advanced Dermal Filllers
  • Non-Surgical Face Lift
  • Chin Implant Non-Surgical
  • Rhinoplasty Nose Job
  • Face Recontouring

Dr Nirdosh’s Cosmetic clinic is the one stop hub for celebrities and models. Hailed as a Godmother of Rejuvenation because of her best-known cosmetic treatment and natural ability to enhance the youth with guaranteed surgery and anti-ageing solutions. She has been an appointed as ambassador in UK previously by Allergan – the makers of Botox. She also has the honour of being widely regarded by her A-list clients as an honest, caring and true professional with an intention to helps clients look younger and fresh. Her work’s been featured on BBC TV, radio and through major publications i.e. Grazia, New Woman, Closer, The Observer, The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Fabulous, The Times, Mail Online & OK magazine.