Defy ageing with Youth Restoration Growth Hormone Capsules

Dr Nirdosh is a premier anti-ageing supplement featured in Tatler. Youth restoration diminishes lines and wrinkles and improves skin firmness and thickness. Youth restoration capsule contains a vital amino acid complex required to help enhance levels of growth hormone- the most important anti-ageing hormone in the body that helps protect against all elements of ageing.


Dr Nirdosh Botox Consultation


Dr Nirdosh states botox is a fashion necessity to savvy women. She is London’s leading Harley Street botox doctor called upon when one requires the needs and desires of surgery. She delivers the cosmetic experience wanted by established wealthy persons. Book a free botox consultation with Dr Nirdosh today on 020 7467 1524. Internationally recognized by royalty and celebrities for non-surgical facial reconstructive procedures, her status presides over peers and her avid patients deem her value highly. Contact Dr Nirdosh London for the perfect Botox cosmetic experience.

Be Treated at Dr NIRDOSH Cosmetic London Clinic

Dr NIRDOSH’s cosmetic clinic is renown to defy ageing. This includes tightening skin elasticity, elimination of wrinkles, rejuvenation of tiredness face syndrome, correcting saggy jowls chin, neck lift transformation, nose to mouth deep river lines of anger correction, under eye filler bags darkness correction, pristine lips of subtle plump perfection, cheek and nose augmentation, all driving to a full facelift. These procedures are highly in-demand and offer rightful access to natural youth.