Dr. NIRDOSH : The Perfect Lips


Dr Nirdosh’s Lip Augmentation London service is known worldwide. Her celebrity clientele knows her as ‘The Artisan of Lips’,  the creator of a beautiful mouth using her unique Lip Augmentation London Service.

Dr. Nirdosh says ‘too many doctors don’t fully understand the complexities and the velocity of the lip structure and why the skin ages. Injecting points around the lip area have to be applied correctly to reshape the lips, only then can the lips look naturally enhanced. Many practitioners lack this intricate understanding. It is the sole reason their clients end up with a horrid inflated trout pout, rather than a beautifully enhanced lip area.

Dr. Nirdosh is the artisan of lips and the creator of a beautiful mouth. She’s honed this in-demand cosmetic procedure. Her lip refinement technique is London’s specialist lip enhancement service. She understands Why and how lips develop wrinkles.With Dr NIRDOSH at the helm thin lips are perfectly rectified and refined. Clients adorn their newly acquired lips, which appear so very natural without revealing any tell-tale signs of subtle slightly fuller lips. Dr NIRDOSH’S concept for these kinds of procedures is UNIQUE, SAFE AND HIGHLY EFFECTIVE. New clients who desire lips alteration absolutely love Dr NIRDOSH’S preferred combined methodology of safety and surgery. They gain the desired results perfectly – first time!

Dr NIRDOSH’S  cosmetic surgery procedures are highly effective premier treatments. Such as her special Lip Augmentation treatment, which considers the entire lip structure, the cupids bow, the vermilion line, the lip corners, the lip body and the lip outer line. As Dr NIRDOSH STATES ‘They are all relevant to develop the truly perfect lip’.

Contact Dr Nirdosh today for your Lip Augmentation.


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