Dr Nirdosh Introduces “Vampire Face-Lift” An Anti-Ageing Treatment


In the current anti-aging era, it’s important you have the right anti-aging treatments and procedures. With ever changing technical advances, cosmetic treatments are continuously evolving. A new treatment/procedure to fill wrinkles or plump up hollow cheeks named the “vampire Filler” or “Vampire Face-Lift” is performed by a leading Harley Street Cosmetic Doctor.

Vampires have long had that lasting youth; the main reason is that they are continuously sucking fresh blood. Now you too can get in on the Vampire action.

Dr Nirdosh’s new sought-after treatment of filling wrinkles and plumping up hollow cheeks is the “vampire Filler” or “Vampire Face-Lift”. It does not require injecting any chemicals, fat or toxins into the body and instead the main ingredient of this wrinkle-removing treatment is the patient’s own blood.

Dr.Nirdosh, Harley Street, London, says blood samples are extracted from various part of body and then we separate the vital platelet Rich Plasma Stem Cells – the ingenious power stem cells, which help younger skin grow. Then we start the regeneration process by re-injecting the plasma rich stem cells back into face. The younger skin starts to grow by replacing older skin.

Dr. Nirdosh said the procedure is becoming very popular as it helps your face to become younger and lifted from within.

Dr. Nirdosh is now taking bookings for the exclusive “Vampire Face-Lift” at her Harley Street Clinic In London.

Kindly visit website http://www.drnirdosh.com/ for more information.



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