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Dr Nirdosh, a pioneer of London’s medical anti-ageing profession. Known as the Celebrity Skin Doctor, she is one the UK’s foremost anti-ageing authorities, a leading anti-ageing expert, a Director of the renowned Dr Nirdosh Anti-Ageing Clinic in London and founder of DrNirdosh.com, the exclusive online health, beauty and anti-ageing store. An anti-ageing doctor with a list of impressive accolades, Dr Nirdosh combined modern science with new technologies and integrated ten years of clinical research to formulate an elite range of leading anti-ageing skin treatments that focus entirely on reversing the causes of ageing by targeting the deeper cellular levels of skin ageing that surgery cannot reach or repair. Dr Nirdosh regularly instructs the media, coaches magazine editors, directs beauty houses and advises celebrities. Dr Nirdosh Anti-Ageing Skin Treatments are prescribed to some of London’s elite clientele and A-Listers as part of their daily anti-ageing skincare regime.


Dr Nirdosh | Welcome To Dr Nirdosh Blog

A range of publications and media, including the Guardian, the BBC and Grazia, frequently feature Dr Nirdosh, as she is considered to be a renowned expert in contemporary anti-ageing medical science.

Dr Nirdosh

Dr Nirdosh is a London, Harley Street, based cosmetic surgeon, who is renowned for the stunning attention to detail and precision involved in the several operations that she offers, including rhinoplasty and facelifts. Music legends like Sinitta, models like Sophie Anderton, and reality television stars such as Gemma Collins, in addition to a huge variety of other celebrities, all support Dr Nirdosh’s cosmetic procedures.

Dr Nirdosh is a doctor specialized in cosmetics based in London’s upmarket Harley Street who is renowned for her pioneering treatments to halt ageing that utilize supplements, Botox® and lifestyle alterations. Dr Nirdosh’s Skincare brand offers a broad range of non-surgical procedures. Examples include remedies for drier skin, an anti-ageing regime for those aged 40 and over, and a plan to fight first signs for over 20s.

A right royal facial! A-list celebrity cosmetic guru launches treatment that claims to give you Kate-worthy cheekbones

She has the face that launched a million nose jobs as Duchess of Cambridge fans rush to copy her perfect nose and lovely smile.


Now, a leading celebrity cosmetic doctor has launched a new treatment that claims to give fans of Duchess, her strong cheekbones, heavy brows and perfect skin too.

The Regal Rejuvenation, which starts at £650, includes diamond facial mapping and infusions of precious stone extract, as well as Botox and hyaluronic acid injections.

But even if they can afford it, Dr Nirdosh, the celebrity cosmetic guru behind the treatment, says not everyone will be allowed to have it.

‘I turn people away all the time,’ says the doctor who offers the treatment from her Wimpole Street clinic in London’s West End.

Next comes a facial using diamond, pearl and 24-carat gold extracts before the look is finished off with light filler to the cheeks and lips.

‘Kate Middleton has one of the most beautiful faces in the world and it’s no surprise that we are seeing such a huge demand from women wanting to emulate her look,’ adds Dr Nirdosh.

‘The Regal Rejuvenation procedure enables me to re-contour the face to achieve an airbrushed look without makeup.

‘Each face is individually treated and adjusted to suit the client, while still achieving a natural looking finish.’

That, she explains, is particularly important. ‘You’ll still look like you after the treatment,’ she adds. ‘You can’t go around saying I’ve got Kate’s nose or Angelina’s lips.

‘Everyone has a right to be beautiful but you will still be you – just with plumper, fresher and almost flawless skin.’

‘I try not to treat people under 20 and I won’t do anything if people don’t need it. It’s my job to give advice and guide people to the right treatments.’

The Duchess of Cambridge inspired procedure begins with diamond facial mapping, which contours the face via the use of injections.

 Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2658345/Celebrity-beauty-guru-launches-treatment-claims-Kate-worthy-cheekbones.html#ixzz3yScIkLCc  Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Dr Nirdosh Food Tips You Need To Love

So you’re ready to give it a go and lose weight permanently. It is possible so do not be discouraged however you have to arm yourself with some clever ammunition of knowledge in this subject to achieve the objective.

Here’s a quick list of essential food tips you have to learn to love to lose weight:

  1. GREEN TEA:  This has to be your new morning drink. No more coffee hits at the crack of dawn.  Good for your health and full of anti-oxidants, green tea is also a natural thermogenic and turns your body into a fat burning machine. This occurs naturally as the green tea speeds up your metabolism and this causes calories to burn much faster. You lose weight quicker and remain slimmer when thermogenics are part of your weight loss plan.
  2. BREAKFAST: Do not dodge or miss breakfast insisting you’re too busy or just haven’t got time. You’ve already gone through a starvation phase during sleep time and this can lead your body astray if you continue not to eat. The main problem will be calorie hording. As your body envisages an ongoing famine it starts to shut down and preserve the calories. The result: You gain weight. It’s statistically shown that people who achieve sustained long term weight loss, always eat breakfast. If you feel like some form of cardiovascular exercise before you eat breakfast, then do it. The cardio will take your body into its natural fat burning zone as you have already burnt off the carbohydrates whilst sleeping and now the fat is used as the primary energy source. So in effect you can lose weight quicker in this golden hour.
  3. FRUIT: You must eat fruit and learn to love the fruits you eat. For most of it government guidelines insist on 5 pieces of fruit or vegetables a day, so in theory you should eat one portion with all meals. The reason why fruit is essential is that it is mostly water based and contains micro amounts or no fat whatsoever. Do be careful if you are a diabetic, but if you are of good health be confident in the knowledge that the carbohydrates of the fruit are so good beneficial for the body as they contain anti-oxidants and the nutrients consumed contain shed loads of nutritious fibre.
  4. SMALL PORTIONS: Do not eat super-sized meals of high calorie foods instead cut smaller sized parts of the meals you adore and eat these cut offs. This is a good way not to give up on the foods you have always loved and still incorporate them into your daily food plan, by simply changing they way you eat them. The trick here is that your body thinks it is getting quite big portions as you eat loads of little bits. It does think its getting much more than before.
  5. PROTEIN SHAKES: They’re great and under rated as they’re full of nutrients and the complete proteins that contain all your essential amino acids – the building blocks of life- and they make you feel fuller for longer. The reason I always say to my clients add shakes is that they are easy to consume rather than having to eat a lean dry chicken breast everyday
  6. WATER: It’s essential that you consume water and loads of it. Water helps you to re-hydrate and lose weight much faster. It’s a known fact that one of the reasons overeaters eat is because they are dehydrated but fail to recognise this. To compensate they eat. The sad thing is after they have eaten, they still remain dehydrated as they rarely drink water. Within the hour they can feel the need to eat again. This visious cycle could have been avoided by simply drinking a tall glass of water. You must learn to love the taste of water.

All about Dr Nirdosh’s Anti- Ageing Secrets


Discover youth secrets and advanced celebrity body tips that expose how to look young and fresh to hide ageing effects? “Dr Nirdosh’s Anti-Ageing Secrets” is the renown book that unveils these secrets. Wrinkles and age lines affect our skin with an adverse long term effect leaving it in a fragile state. Dr Nirdosh published her skin secrets book in which she revealed her unique face and body plan which surges anti-ageing hormones back into the body. She also reveals easy ways of controlling age lines including simple exercises and normal diet tips with an advanced supplements plan which takes effect when using her skin treatments.

Dr Nirdosh is a pioneer and leading anti-ageing professional doctor in London, UK. She is fully trained in the NHS with a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree. Many high profile celebrities follow her revolutionary methods and take her skin treatments to look young and gain attractive bodies whilst on her plan. Her miracle plan will reverse ageing process and recapture your glowing face and body in just 42 days. Her unique exercise, diet plan, supplements and skin care treatments are beneficial to de-age and ageing face and body. High number of A-list celebrities and high profile men and women focus on her anti-ageing plan to get back their youth and to get stunning outcomes in just 6 weeks.

Read her book named “Dr Nirdosh’s Anti-Ageing Secrets” and learn how to undo ageing effects using simple nutrition, workouts, supplements and skincare to activate anti-ageing hormones. Implement youthfulness from the inside out and rediscover your younger sexy body again with Dr NIRDOSH.

Could Botox provide a breast lift?

Although most people would associate Botox with anti-wrinkle treatment it is actually highly versatile and it can help with many different conditions, such as excess underarm sweating and migraines; now the toxin may be able to give women larger breasts without the need to go under the knife. According to the Daily Mail, a London doctor is claiming that injecting Botox into the pectoral muscles can create fuller breasts, helping patients avoid invasive surgery if they want to improve their bust.


Dr Nirdosh told the publication that the treatment is ‘a knifeless instantaneous breast lift’ that works best with patients who are between a size A cup and a C cup. He added that is it ‘safer and quicker than regular surgery.’ Dubbed ‘breastox’, the treatment takes less than half an hour and should last up to six months. Dr Nirdosh said that it should make breasts look perkier because the Botox will relax the pectoral muscles; leaving the shoulders to lift the breasts up and make them appear fuller.


The rise of ‘selfie surgery’: Harley Street doctor warns of steep rise in people asking for cosmetic jabs in a bid to look better in candid celebrity-style snaps

The craze for selfies is fuelling a boom in cosmetic procedures with one doctor reporting an 85 percent boost in business, it has been revealed.

Fuelled by the sight of celebrity selfie fans such as Kim Kardashian and Cara Delevigne, women are queuing up for botox, dermal fillers and lip plumper in a bid to look their best.


According to Dr Nirdosh, the thought of going on to share their snaps on social media adds to the pressure to look good and is driving the trend.
‘Everyone always wants to look their best during their summer holiday,’ explains Dr Nirdosh. ‘With so many social media platforms to update with our holiday pictures, women are investing in cosmetic treatments to enhance their looks.’

Alarmingly, 76 percent of people purchasing cosmetic treatments say they splashed out because they so disliked their appearance in photos.

86 per cent also admitted to editing their selfies and holiday snaps before uploading them onto social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

The figures are borne out by independent research that claims more than one million selfies are taken every day and of those, 36 percent are re-touched while 13 per cent of women admit to digitally altering every selfie they take.
Treatments popular with those in search of the perfect face for selfies include Botox, non-surgical nose jobs and dermal fillers – all of which have also proved a hit with A-list celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, who has confessed to having had the jab in the past.

Another popular target is shallow eyes, which is closely followed by concerns about uneven skin tone, with 62 percent of cosmetic surgery clients citing them as elegance worries.

‘The pressure to look “perfect” on social media sites during our holidays is making women want to look as good in the flesh as they do in their edited holiday albums,’ added Dr Nirdosh.

‘Women will often invest in a tough gym regime and strict diet before embarking on their summer holidays. ‘But they can neglect their faces, which often show the most signs of life stresses when heavy lines and sunken skin begins to appear.’

Botox in the UK with the Celebrity Doctor of Harley Street

Dr Nirdosh is the most prolific cosmetic doctor in London on Harley Street providing Botox in the UK to clients from all over the world. She is the celebrity cosmetic doctor and her Botox treatment is infamous worldwide and sought after. She is hailed as the best Botox doctor on Harley Street for Botox in the UK. Her clients list is a who’s who of beautiful people as she regularly works on both celebrities and private clients delivering is a highly personal service, with results of excellence.

Her clinic addresses the problem faced by thousands of women worldwide by eliminating the worry of how much is the cost of Botox in the UK, as she personally believes that cosmetic surgery and Botox prices shouldn’t become exclusive, and rather affordable to all men and women. Leading the by example, Dr Nirdosh’s Botox injections start at a mere £250 and this leading benchmark Harley Street treatment is provided at her exclusive clinic on Harley Street London.

Dr Nirdosh’s advanced anti ageing process of wrinkle eradication of the facial areas includes personally treating and eliminating with advanced Botox (Botulinum Toxin) techniques. Administered via a non invasive non surgical face lift procedure by the celebrity doctor in London, the ageing lines and muscle contracting which cause the initial wrinkle formation are wiped away and replaced with a beautiful frown free face with no signs of forehead wrinkles, tired drooping eyelid, or frowning.

Dr Nirdosh private London clinic on Harley Street welcomes new patients from round the world and the United Kingdom. Patients regularly saying they are so overjoyed to have found Dr Nirdosh as they had been searching for the best botox doctor in London and can clearly see how she is the exclusive celebrity cosmetic doctor to the stars.

As a leading published author and medical expert of anti ageing medicine Dr Nirdosh runs a free consultation clinic in the UK to women and men treading on the realms of cosmetic surgery consideration. This is paramount for patients wanting to alleviate anxieties and achieve the underlying desired results of perfection and beauty the first time – bar none!

The ageing process is a natural transition upon which the muscles degenerate and this includes facial muscles in the skin, commonly an area which is one of the first to suffer the signs of degenerative ageing. Dr Nirdosh also advises leading magazine editors and high socialite clients how to completely wipe out facial skin sagging, thin and wrinkly skin and deep set frown lines. Dr Nirdosh’s clinic is a private safe haven which eliminates the effects of ageing.

Her botox treatment is a leading Harley street procedure that targets specific areas including the jawline, chin augmentation, the upper and lower face. To determine whether you are a suitable candidate visit Dr Nirdosh’s Clinic by simply calling our Harley Street office on 020 7467 1524 and book yourself a FREE CONSULTATION with Dr Nirdosh to establish how to regain your years, youth and natural beauty


Also known as platelet rejuvenation treatment, it uses the patient’s own blood platelets to trigger skin rejuvenation and activate natural collagen production. US reality television star, Kim Kardashian, 32, had the procedure done live on one of her programmes – you can see some rather gruesome, blood-stained pictures on the internet that backs up why it is called ‘vampire’ therapy.

What’s it good for? Can improve skin texture particularly in the upper face area, help reduce wrinkles, creases and furrows. It can also help to plump cheeks and skin depressions caused by various types of scars.
What’s involved? A small amount of the patient’s own blood is taken, placed into a centrifuge, and spun for 15 minutes. The blood is then separated into its different components, including platelets – which play an important role in tissue regeneration. The platelet concentrate contains up to nine times more platelets than your regular blood. It is injected into problem areas. The treatment takes around 45 minutes.
How often? Treatments are recommended twice a year.
How much? Between £600 and £1,500.
Where can I find it? Dr Nirdosh in Harley Street, London.
Visit: www.drnirdosh.com

Anti Ageing Collagen V.P. Injection Capsules


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Collagen V.P. Injections Capsules are a superior Collagen Skin plumping capsule that mimics the effects of collagen injections to help re-plump skin and smooth wrinkles. For collagen supplements to work effectively and to deliver that dramatic face-lifting result, molecular doses of Vitamin C are essential to promote deep skin absorption. Dr Nirdosh’s extensive research to establish lost skin collagen, re-plump wrinkles and restore a more youthful looking face has finally led to the creation of a new anti-ageing collagen capsule which contains three vital compounds required to help re-inject collagen back into the face.