The rise of ‘selfie surgery’: Harley Street doctor warns of steep rise in people asking for cosmetic jabs in a bid to look better in candid celebrity-style snaps

The craze for selfies is fuelling a boom in cosmetic procedures with one doctor reporting an 85 percent boost in business, it has been revealed.

Fuelled by the sight of celebrity selfie fans such as Kim Kardashian and Cara Delevigne, women are queuing up for botox, dermal fillers and lip plumper in a bid to look their best.


According to Dr Nirdosh, the thought of going on to share their snaps on social media adds to the pressure to look good and is driving the trend.
‘Everyone always wants to look their best during their summer holiday,’ explains Dr Nirdosh. ‘With so many social media platforms to update with our holiday pictures, women are investing in cosmetic treatments to enhance their looks.’

Alarmingly, 76 percent of people purchasing cosmetic treatments say they splashed out because they so disliked their appearance in photos.

86 per cent also admitted to editing their selfies and holiday snaps before uploading them onto social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

The figures are borne out by independent research that claims more than one million selfies are taken every day and of those, 36 percent are re-touched while 13 per cent of women admit to digitally altering every selfie they take.
Treatments popular with those in search of the perfect face for selfies include Botox, non-surgical nose jobs and dermal fillers – all of which have also proved a hit with A-list celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, who has confessed to having had the jab in the past.

Another popular target is shallow eyes, which is closely followed by concerns about uneven skin tone, with 62 percent of cosmetic surgery clients citing them as elegance worries.

‘The pressure to look “perfect” on social media sites during our holidays is making women want to look as good in the flesh as they do in their edited holiday albums,’ added Dr Nirdosh.

‘Women will often invest in a tough gym regime and strict diet before embarking on their summer holidays. ‘But they can neglect their faces, which often show the most signs of life stresses when heavy lines and sunken skin begins to appear.’


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