Could Botox provide a breast lift?

Although most people would associate Botox with anti-wrinkle treatment it is actually highly versatile and it can help with many different conditions, such as excess underarm sweating and migraines; now the toxin may be able to give women larger breasts without the need to go under the knife. According to the Daily Mail, a London doctor is claiming that injecting Botox into the pectoral muscles can create fuller breasts, helping patients avoid invasive surgery if they want to improve their bust.


Dr Nirdosh told the publication that the treatment is ‘a knifeless instantaneous breast lift’ that works best with patients who are between a size A cup and a C cup. He added that is it ‘safer and quicker than regular surgery.’ Dubbed ‘breastox’, the treatment takes less than half an hour and should last up to six months. Dr Nirdosh said that it should make breasts look perkier because the Botox will relax the pectoral muscles; leaving the shoulders to lift the breasts up and make them appear fuller.



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