Dr Nirdosh Food Tips You Need To Love

So you’re ready to give it a go and lose weight permanently. It is possible so do not be discouraged however you have to arm yourself with some clever ammunition of knowledge in this subject to achieve the objective.

Here’s a quick list of essential food tips you have to learn to love to lose weight:

  1. GREEN TEA:  This has to be your new morning drink. No more coffee hits at the crack of dawn.  Good for your health and full of anti-oxidants, green tea is also a natural thermogenic and turns your body into a fat burning machine. This occurs naturally as the green tea speeds up your metabolism and this causes calories to burn much faster. You lose weight quicker and remain slimmer when thermogenics are part of your weight loss plan.
  2. BREAKFAST: Do not dodge or miss breakfast insisting you’re too busy or just haven’t got time. You’ve already gone through a starvation phase during sleep time and this can lead your body astray if you continue not to eat. The main problem will be calorie hording. As your body envisages an ongoing famine it starts to shut down and preserve the calories. The result: You gain weight. It’s statistically shown that people who achieve sustained long term weight loss, always eat breakfast. If you feel like some form of cardiovascular exercise before you eat breakfast, then do it. The cardio will take your body into its natural fat burning zone as you have already burnt off the carbohydrates whilst sleeping and now the fat is used as the primary energy source. So in effect you can lose weight quicker in this golden hour.
  3. FRUIT: You must eat fruit and learn to love the fruits you eat. For most of it government guidelines insist on 5 pieces of fruit or vegetables a day, so in theory you should eat one portion with all meals. The reason why fruit is essential is that it is mostly water based and contains micro amounts or no fat whatsoever. Do be careful if you are a diabetic, but if you are of good health be confident in the knowledge that the carbohydrates of the fruit are so good beneficial for the body as they contain anti-oxidants and the nutrients consumed contain shed loads of nutritious fibre.
  4. SMALL PORTIONS: Do not eat super-sized meals of high calorie foods instead cut smaller sized parts of the meals you adore and eat these cut offs. This is a good way not to give up on the foods you have always loved and still incorporate them into your daily food plan, by simply changing they way you eat them. The trick here is that your body thinks it is getting quite big portions as you eat loads of little bits. It does think its getting much more than before.
  5. PROTEIN SHAKES: They’re great and under rated as they’re full of nutrients and the complete proteins that contain all your essential amino acids – the building blocks of life- and they make you feel fuller for longer. The reason I always say to my clients add shakes is that they are easy to consume rather than having to eat a lean dry chicken breast everyday
  6. WATER: It’s essential that you consume water and loads of it. Water helps you to re-hydrate and lose weight much faster. It’s a known fact that one of the reasons overeaters eat is because they are dehydrated but fail to recognise this. To compensate they eat. The sad thing is after they have eaten, they still remain dehydrated as they rarely drink water. Within the hour they can feel the need to eat again. This visious cycle could have been avoided by simply drinking a tall glass of water. You must learn to love the taste of water.

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