Dr Nirdosh | Welcome To Dr Nirdosh Blog

A range of publications and media, including the Guardian, the BBC and Grazia, frequently feature Dr Nirdosh, as she is considered to be a renowned expert in contemporary anti-ageing medical science.

Dr Nirdosh

Dr Nirdosh is a London, Harley Street, based cosmetic surgeon, who is renowned for the stunning attention to detail and precision involved in the several operations that she offers, including rhinoplasty and facelifts. Music legends like Sinitta, models like Sophie Anderton, and reality television stars such as Gemma Collins, in addition to a huge variety of other celebrities, all support Dr Nirdosh’s cosmetic procedures.

Dr Nirdosh is a doctor specialized in cosmetics based in London’s upmarket Harley Street who is renowned for her pioneering treatments to halt ageing that utilize supplements, Botox® and lifestyle alterations. Dr Nirdosh’s Skincare brand offers a broad range of non-surgical procedures. Examples include remedies for drier skin, an anti-ageing regime for those aged 40 and over, and a plan to fight first signs for over 20s.


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