Celebrity Skin Doctor and NOW MAGAZINE’S Anti-Ageing Expert

Dr Nirdosh, a pioneer of London’s medical anti-ageing profession. Known as the Celebrity Skin Doctor, she is one the UK’s foremost anti-ageing authorities, a leading anti-ageing expert, a Director of the renowned Dr Nirdosh Anti-Ageing Clinic in London and founder of DrNirdosh.com, the exclusive online health, beauty and anti-ageing store. An anti-ageing doctor with a list of impressive accolades, Dr Nirdosh combined modern science with new technologies and integrated ten years of clinical research to formulate an elite range of leading anti-ageing skin treatments that focus entirely on reversing the causes of ageing by targeting the deeper cellular levels of skin ageing that surgery cannot reach or repair. Dr Nirdosh regularly instructs the media, coaches magazine editors, directs beauty houses and advises celebrities. Dr Nirdosh Anti-Ageing Skin Treatments are prescribed to some of London’s elite clientele and A-Listers as part of their daily anti-ageing skincare regime.


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