Dr Nirdosh Vampire Facelift- A New Anti-Ageing Treatment


A new treatment to fill wrinkles or plump up hollow cheeks named the “Vampire Facelift” and is performed by a leading Harley Street Cosmetic Doctor. Dr Nirdosh new sought-after treatment does not require injecting any chemicals, fat or toxins into the body and instead the main ingredient of this wrinkle-removing treatment is the patient’s own blood. Dr Nirdosh Vampire Facelift helps the face to become youthful. Book an appointment for the exclusive “Vampire Face-Lift” with Dr Nirdosh!




Dr Nirdosh’s Lip Augmentation Harley Street is known worldwide. She is considered as ‘The Artisan of Lips’ by her clients, as she is the creator of a beautiful mouth. Her lip augmentation procedure is unique, safe and highly sought after. She’s the renowned cosmetic doctor on Harley Street for leading non-surgical cosmetic surgery procedures which include dermal fillers and the silhouette soft thread face lift. Her clinic is the first stop for anti-ageing. Contact Dr Nirdosh Harley Street London to organize lip enhancement.


Beneath your current face lies a secret one. A much more wrinkle free younger version of you states Dr NIRDOSH. A-listers flock to her dermal fillers nest. Her celebrity clients love how she has this amazing talent with Dermal Fillers on Harley Street, like no other cosmetic doctor. She applies her world-leading advanced cosmetic surgical methods to eradicate the current face presented in front of her to bring forth the younger more stunningly beautiful you.


A marvel of cosmetic medicine and a natural specialist of the non surgical facelift, Dr Nirdosh only injects with premier filler injections made of hyaluronic acid including juvederm and attends regularly to the needs of the beautiful and well-heeled, including billionaire and aristocratic socialites who fly in especially to have their face perfected by her.

Dr Nirdosh- Celebrity Cosmetic Doctor and Director of Dr Nirdosh Anti-Ageing Clinic

Dr Nirdosh is a celebrity cosmetic doctor and director of the infamous Dr Nirdosh Anti-ageing clinic. She’s also founder and creator of the leading online health and anti-ageing store showcased at DrNirdosh.com. A-listers, high profile men and women prescribe to her anti-ageing treatments. In London she’s infamous for her special injectable nip and tuck service and her clinic is a one stop hub for those in the know.


Key services by Dr Nirdosh:

  • Botox Injections
  • Face Lift | Silhouette Soft
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Lip Enhancement

According to Dr Nirdosh, ageing is a disease and must be treated as such. She has extensive knowledge and experience to do so. She believes that diet, exercise, skin supplements and skin treatments boost the anti-ageing hormones to let the body rediscover youthfulness. Her six-week anti-ageing programme is highly recommended to start this process and get rid of age lines. Her skin treatments have been deemed an alternative to cosmetic surgery and clever cosmetics by Tatler Magazine. Follow her 42 days skin treatment strategy to look miraculously youthful.

All about Dr Nirdosh’s anti-ageing plan:

Exercise- Exercise can improve your muscle tissues and tighten your body. It also activates anti-ageing hormones.

Diet– Special diet plan is beneficial to amplify or activate anti-ageing hormones and boost cell repair.

Skin care– Skin care treatment boosts the skin-cell immunity and heals wrinkles and age lines.

Nutrition- Skin care pills tackle age lines and wrinkles in the inner skin care layer. Nutrition includes skin care supplements and face creams.

Her leading book named “Dr Nirdosh’s Anti-ageing secrets”, is a step by step plan to teach how to remove ageing effects through exercise, nutrition, skincare and skin care supplements.

The Botox Breast Lift –Dangerous or Innovative?

Some women attempt to turn back the clock on an aging face using the cosmetic injectable Botox, but one London doctor is attempting to do the same with breasts. Dr Nirdosh has been turning heads trying to market an “instant breast” lift that lasts for just 6 months, created using Botox solution. Is this risky and dangerous idea, or could it be the next big thing in cosmetic surgery?

Botox Treatment

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Dr Nirdosh explains that she has experimented with injecting the pectoral muscles with amounts of Botox, causing them to relax. This supposedly causes the shoulder muscles pick up the slack, causing breasts to lift and become perkier. The effects are intended to last for up to six months, giving the patient a no-commitment try at breast alteration. The price tag for this procedure is set at several thousand dollars.


Beneath your current face lies a secret one. A much more wrinkle free younger version of you states Dr NIRDOSH. A-listers flock to her dermal fillers nest. Her celebrity clients love how she has this amazing talent with Dermal Fillers on Harley Street, like no other cosmetic doctor. She immediately sees your underlying youth and applies her world leading advanced cosmetic surgical methods to eradicate the current face presented in front of her to bring forth the younger more stunningly beautiful you. A marvel of cosmetic medicine and a natural master of the non-surgical facelift, Dr Nirdosh only injects with premier filler injections made of hyaluronic acid including juvederm and attends regularly to the needs of the beautiful and well-heeled, including billionaire and aristocratic socialites who fly in especially to have their face perfected by her.

The Harley Street Botox Clinic for Savvy Women

Dr Nirdosh is aware the association of wanting a beautiful face which appears timeless, and showcases ones true infinite youth is no longer a privilege, but rather an essential required profile women all over the world deem necessary. Her private clinic in Harley Street caters to this need. Ladies who lunch boasted about dermal filler and perfect cheek filler augmentation VIP access with Dr NIRDOSH, whilst wearing an Oscar De La Renta Coats and towering Louboutins; this hierarchy no longer remains. Women do now accept the benefits and desire premier facial rejuvenation. They visit celebrity cosmetic guru Dr Nirdosh A-list celebrity cosmetic doctor to the stars for all their Botox and Face Filler needs.

Dr NIRDOSH’s dermal filler and lip fillers clinic is a high-in-demand one stop hub for savvy women in the know. As Dr NIRDOSH defines, ‘botox and fillers for the face are an intricate art misplaced and widespread random misuse of cosmetic filler injectables has reached saturation. Salons and even doctors of very little pedigree or hands on experience casually seem to engage in the usage of filler as a one stop solution to add volume to the skin, however very few doctor’s actually know how to treat the real ageing culprit – hyaluronic acid – and its uncanny ability to individually disperse and degenerate differently in every patient’s face. Dr NIRDOSH’s private clients adorn the premise of being treated by an elite cosmetic doctor who provides premier services with luxury high-quality lines, all without having to ponder over trivial issues such as cheap dermal fillers or underwhelmed results. By attending one of the best botox injections doctor in the UK, you can rest assured that Dr NIRDOSH’s private Harley Street Practice is the social hub treating clientele that requires discretion with perfection.

UK Botox is the Best – It’s Kind of Official!

Celebrity Cosmetic Doctor, Dr NIRDOSH has been secretly conducting a private survey with all her Non-UK clients, Her extensive client list which reads like a who’s who of A-listers and Royalty, who regularly fly round the globe just to see her have, been asked the the burning question: Where is Botox best globally? Everyone of them replied London

Dr NIRDOSH’s private Harley Street practice is open to the public and celebrities alike as she has long known that the practices of the top doctor’s of London have a high ethical value added to the service and even though a national review is taking place as Sir Bruce Keough announces planned changes to the industry, she wants to make it public knowledge that good can override the bad apples of the industry. As she says ” confidence levels are really high with global consumers who come directly to the UK Botox (http://www.drnirdosh.com/cathome_Botox-in-the-UK-Costs-Pr…) and other surgical procedures, and this is not to be dismissed, rather welcomed”.

The major players include America and famous surgery hangout hubs such as Rodeo Drive have to still play second fiddle to London and this proves that a change in the overall way the industry is regulated can reinforce London as the No1 spot for plastic and cosmetic surgery. 

One of her clients has a network of practitioner throughout the world and see’s different ones for different treatments, due to her being all over due to business commitments, but she openly states to Dr NIRDOSH that the way she performs her surgery, is a masterclass that should be showcased to all the other aesthetic doctors. She says that London is a place that understands that the outcome seems to be paramount to the doctors, whereas round the world, there’s an attitude of gratitude on part of the clients that the doctor has be gracious enough to perform the treatment for you, regardless of the results.

It’s always reassuring to know that Dr NIRDOSH is still leading the way in non- surgical procedures such lip augmentation (http://www.drnirdosh.com/cathome_lip-augmentation.html) and the Vampire Face lift (http://www.drnirdosh.com/cathome_vampire-face-lift.html) and that being a UK born and medically qualified doctor she has used her ethical no nonsense approach to her treatments, assuring that her clients are treated as royalty, with both initial and aftercare, regardless of whether they are actually part of a royal dynasty.

Botox for Men – The ‘Brotox’ Era!

A year ago I talked to a buddy at my cosmetic clinic that stated to me that they ought to make a Botox specifically for guys. He also informed me that he had actually conjured up the label for such an item. ‘Brotox’!


This was all light hearted humor till I was asked by among my routine United States customers to if I do a great deal of ‘Brotox’, I needed to ask her twice if this is exactly what she actually claimed. I was on the phone to my buddy directly after she left that made fun of the opportunity.

Is Male Botox genuinely the brand-new Botox time for guys?

It is upon us and I can validate that the tales spraying around the press at the moment are real as I personally have had a boost in male customers requiring Botox the frown medicine. In between 2000 and 2010, there was a 258 percent rise in the variety of real guys that had actually been having routine procedure with just Botox. The distinction is that hardly ever guys wish a complete facelift however instead they firmly insist on holding back the frown and temple lines.

Beware Of The Genital Fillers Trend

A top beauty doctor has warned of the risks of ‘genital enhancement’ after being inundated with requests for cosmetic jabs for the joystick and vagina. Harley Street skin specialist Dr Nirdosh says requests range from anal bleaching to having the labia and the joystick plumped using dermal fillers. According to the medic, such intimate treatments are not only unnecessary but can also result in painful swelling, nerve paralysis, bleeding and other complications.

‘Simply put, a lot of women want a “young vagina”,’ explains Dr Nirdosh. ‘They don’t like the aesthetic look of a saggy, deflated floppy vagina and see cosmetic dermal fillers as saviour. ‘But while they can make your hands and face look up to a decade younger, there are more risks associated when you apply them to genitals.’

Such risks include nerve paralysis, bleeding, swelling and loss of sensation during sex. ‘The extra risk is because of the vast amount of nerves and blood vessels around the femalecore, labia and urethral opening,’ says Dr Nirdosh. ‘To put it simply, the vagina might look prettier afterwards but it won’t be worth it if it doesn’t work in the long term – that is the risk you are taking.’

She also warns that some of the clients asking for such treatments could be suffering from body dysmorphia – a condition that sees sufferers fixate on their looks, often negatively. ‘I always refuse to do these sorts of treatments because I prefer to stick to what I know about, which is making women look naturally beautiful.

‘Injecting genitals and using non surgical procedures such as dermal fillers or botox has risk associated with it.
‘Moreover, I suspect many people requesting this sort of thing have body dysmorphia as there is no real underlying problem.’
Although labiaplasty surgery – where the labia is reduced during an operation – is not uncommon and can sometimes be necessary for medical reasons, the surge in demand for fillers is new.

‘People think the increase in requests is down celebrities but in my experience, it is more to do with the increasing number of women who date younger men. ‘They see it as a way of bonding with their men and, from what I’ve seen, this is the driving force behind it. ‘But it isn’t only female clients who want genital enhancements. Men have also requested cosmetic jabs to their joysticks – with the aim of increasing its girth in mind.

Penoplasty surgery to enhance the size of the organ usually involves cutting a ligament to boost length and injecting fat taken from elsewhere in the body to increase the girth. But Dr Nirdosh says no jab involving the joystick is ever completely safe – and warns that fat injections can leave lumps in unexpected places.

‘The rate of fat breakdown is not even, so lips, for example, can be left looking crooked as it breaks down unevenly.
‘In the face, fat rejuvenation can result in it looking very asymmetrical due to unpredictable breakdown and the same applies to other body parts.’

Celebs opt for safer Breastox Botox

London – Bust-boosting surgery has never been more popular, with more than 300 000 boob job operations taking place worldwide every year. And that’s just the figure for registered operations.



But not everyone wants to go under the knife, including some of the A-list clients who visit medic Dr Nirdosh in the UK.

Instead of scalpels and implants, they are opting for a new treatment, which has been dubbed “the Botox boob job” and uses injectables to plump up the cleavage.

“The Breastox-Botox is fast becoming the must-have pre-red carpet procedure for my celebrity clients,” explains Dr Nirdosh.

“It is a knifeless instantaneous breast lift. This form of breast augmentation works best for those who are between a cup size A and C and is safer and quicker than regular surgery.”

The £1 000 (R17 563) treatment involves injecting Botox into the pectoral muscles, which temporarily relaxes them, leaving the shoulder and surrounding chest muscles to take the strain.

As a result, breasts are lifted and look higher and firmer, although given Botox wears off, the effect lasts for a maximum of six months.

“There’s no downtime, no reported side effects, no scars and it is virtually painless,” adds Dr Nirdosh.

“It takes less than 30 minutes and is the ideal treatment for women suffering from post-pregnancy droopy boobs, ageing, sagging breasts or a wrinkly bust line as a result of sun damage. It is also good if you want a bit of extra support so you can go braless, as many of my red carpet clients do.”

Traditional breast enhancement involves having a cut made either beneath the breasts or in the armpits and inserting a silicone implant between the breast tissue and the chest muscle.

Operations cost between £3 500 and £5 000 and, according to the health groups, complications can include infection, scarring and loss of sensation in the nipple.

Nevertheless, according to figures produced by the British Association of Aesthetic Surgeons (Baaps), breast implants still remain one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries.

But thanks to scandals such as the PIP implant saga, which saw women fitted with enhancements made with industrial, rather than medical grade silicone, many are turning to “safer” injectables .

Although Macrolane, a filler marketed as a “lunchtime boob jab” was withdrawn from sale two years ago following claims that 25 percent of patients suffered complications after the treatment, others have proved considerably less problematic.

Among them is Botox, which, according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, is the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment in the world.