Botox for Men – The ‘Brotox’ Era!

A year ago I talked to a buddy at my cosmetic clinic that stated to me that they ought to make a Botox specifically for guys. He also informed me that he had actually conjured up the label for such an item. ‘Brotox’!


This was all light hearted humor till I was asked by among my routine United States customers to if I do a great deal of ‘Brotox’, I needed to ask her twice if this is exactly what she actually claimed. I was on the phone to my buddy directly after she left that made fun of the opportunity.

Is Male Botox genuinely the brand-new Botox time for guys?

It is upon us and I can validate that the tales spraying around the press at the moment are real as I personally have had a boost in male customers requiring Botox the frown medicine. In between 2000 and 2010, there was a 258 percent rise in the variety of real guys that had actually been having routine procedure with just Botox. The distinction is that hardly ever guys wish a complete facelift however instead they firmly insist on holding back the frown and temple lines.


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