Beneath your current face lies a secret one. A much more wrinkle free younger version of you states Dr NIRDOSH. A-listers flock to her dermal fillers nest. Her celebrity clients love how she has this amazing talent with Dermal Fillers on Harley Street, like no other cosmetic doctor. She immediately sees your underlying youth and applies her world leading advanced cosmetic surgical methods to eradicate the current face presented in front of her to bring forth the younger more stunningly beautiful you. A marvel of cosmetic medicine and a natural master of the non-surgical facelift, Dr Nirdosh only injects with premier filler injections made of hyaluronic acid including juvederm and attends regularly to the needs of the beautiful and well-heeled, including billionaire and aristocratic socialites who fly in especially to have their face perfected by her.

The Harley Street Botox Clinic for Savvy Women

Dr Nirdosh is aware the association of wanting a beautiful face which appears timeless, and showcases ones true infinite youth is no longer a privilege, but rather an essential required profile women all over the world deem necessary. Her private clinic in Harley Street caters to this need. Ladies who lunch boasted about dermal filler and perfect cheek filler augmentation VIP access with Dr NIRDOSH, whilst wearing an Oscar De La Renta Coats and towering Louboutins; this hierarchy no longer remains. Women do now accept the benefits and desire premier facial rejuvenation. They visit celebrity cosmetic guru Dr Nirdosh A-list celebrity cosmetic doctor to the stars for all their Botox and Face Filler needs.

Dr NIRDOSH’s dermal filler and lip fillers clinic is a high-in-demand one stop hub for savvy women in the know. As Dr NIRDOSH defines, ‘botox and fillers for the face are an intricate art misplaced and widespread random misuse of cosmetic filler injectables has reached saturation. Salons and even doctors of very little pedigree or hands on experience casually seem to engage in the usage of filler as a one stop solution to add volume to the skin, however very few doctor’s actually know how to treat the real ageing culprit – hyaluronic acid – and its uncanny ability to individually disperse and degenerate differently in every patient’s face. Dr NIRDOSH’s private clients adorn the premise of being treated by an elite cosmetic doctor who provides premier services with luxury high-quality lines, all without having to ponder over trivial issues such as cheap dermal fillers or underwhelmed results. By attending one of the best botox injections doctor in the UK, you can rest assured that Dr NIRDOSH’s private Harley Street Practice is the social hub treating clientele that requires discretion with perfection.


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