Dr Nirdosh- Celebrity Cosmetic Doctor and Director of Dr Nirdosh Anti-Ageing Clinic

Dr Nirdosh is a celebrity cosmetic doctor and director of the infamous Dr Nirdosh Anti-ageing clinic. She’s also founder and creator of the leading online health and anti-ageing store showcased at DrNirdosh.com. A-listers, high profile men and women prescribe to her anti-ageing treatments. In London she’s infamous for her special injectable nip and tuck service and her clinic is a one stop hub for those in the know.


Key services by Dr Nirdosh:

  • Botox Injections
  • Face Lift | Silhouette Soft
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Lip Enhancement

According to Dr Nirdosh, ageing is a disease and must be treated as such. She has extensive knowledge and experience to do so. She believes that diet, exercise, skin supplements and skin treatments boost the anti-ageing hormones to let the body rediscover youthfulness. Her six-week anti-ageing programme is highly recommended to start this process and get rid of age lines. Her skin treatments have been deemed an alternative to cosmetic surgery and clever cosmetics by Tatler Magazine. Follow her 42 days skin treatment strategy to look miraculously youthful.

All about Dr Nirdosh’s anti-ageing plan:

Exercise- Exercise can improve your muscle tissues and tighten your body. It also activates anti-ageing hormones.

Diet– Special diet plan is beneficial to amplify or activate anti-ageing hormones and boost cell repair.

Skin care– Skin care treatment boosts the skin-cell immunity and heals wrinkles and age lines.

Nutrition- Skin care pills tackle age lines and wrinkles in the inner skin care layer. Nutrition includes skin care supplements and face creams.

Her leading book named “Dr Nirdosh’s Anti-ageing secrets”, is a step by step plan to teach how to remove ageing effects through exercise, nutrition, skincare and skin care supplements.


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