Dr NIRDOSH Free Consultation Matters

A free consultation at Dr Nirdosh matters


Dr Nirdosh Clinic

Woman’s aesthetic profiles are personal, and woman differ. Some may desire a flawless persona with bon-voyage lips and Botox skin of golden dew. The goal for this type of high profile client is to reveal proud she is having surgery and utilize all cosmetic surgery possible to achieve the outward ideal. Celebrities such as Katie Price and her admission of having botox and asking Susannah Reid if she has botox may like this look. The vast majority are on the other end of the spectrum.  They simply tinker and deliberate a little cosmetic surgery to gently enhance the face with subtle beautiful results, this will suffice. What potential patients must know is the Dr Nirdosh Clinic Harley Street understands this first hand and are mindful on the onset that the apprehension patients feel is real.  This is why we offer all our new patients to book a free consultation. They want a doctor of credence that enhances a current aesthetic profile without veering on the opposite end of the spectrum and want this without having to convince or justify to the doctor.

Cosmetic Surgery Patients may have two major concerns

  1. The end result
  2. The doctors understanding of how much I want

This is important to relay to customers as we cater for a select gambit of clients wanting a vast array of treatments and profiles. The decision on what cosmetic surgery you eventually proceed with and which ideally matches your profile are decided upon at the consultation stage. You will be advised about procedures such as aesthetic dermal facial  fillers or the thread face lift. This is why a free consultation is more than just what it is perceived. It is the patients comfort zone and patients should embrace this knowing our clinic has no charge for any consultations.

Dr Nirdosh offers free consultations for a reason

If two consultations are required we aim to provide. The primary goal is still the same. Matching and ensuing those two ideals for the patient.

Book a free consultation today | Call Dr NIRDOSH 020 7467 1524 | http://www.drnirdosh.com


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