Tear Trough Treatment By Dr Nirdosh

Tear trough is the eye bag that appears from the inner corner of the eyes and across the cheeks. They are also known as under-eye dark circles or puffy eyes. It can be due to a number of reasons such as aging or genetics. Many people get unhappy and depress with the appearance of eye bags. But it’s a very common problem with women especially when they start aging.

There are various treatments and surgeries available to treat this sign of aging. Surgeries are usually considered as unsafe and have some prolonged side effects hence a number of filler treatments are there that are safe alternatives. Dr Nirdosh is a renowned celebrity cosmetic surgeon and a true expert of tear trough treatment. She has treated thousands of tear trough patients and gave them their youthful appearance back.

Dr Nirdosh tear trough treatment is a well-known treatment amongst celebrities and gave amazing results. This procedure is a non-surgical treatment for under eye bags in which an injection injected to cure the hollow eye are and restore the volume. Dr Nirdosh stated “This is a fabulous treatment of vanishing bags and dark under eyes and restores the volume. It is the most problematic area for women as this shows they are aging and eyes look more saggy and puffy. This tear trough procedure will fix this problem in less than 20 minutes and the results will be clearly visible. Women who have not yet availed this treatment should visit Harley Street as they are missing out this opportunity of getting their young appearance back.

Eye is the most delicate area and thus people don’t want to undertake surgery for this. Dermal filler is considered as the best alternative that is safe and really works. Dr Nirdosh starts the process by gently inserting the hyaluronic acid to plump up the eye area and restore the volume while covering the dark circles. This procedure is effective and has cured many saggy eyes and made them youthful again. While this deformity of eye area can be treated permanently by surgery but people prefer thenon-invasive approach in order to avoid any kind of risk and after effects of the surgery. Dr. Nirdosh has successfully treated many celebrities and high profile women with aging eye and gave them satisfactory results.


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