Dr Nirdosh For Unique Lip Augmentation London Service

Nowadays lip augmentation London has become a fad among celebrities and many women are changing their look through advanced cosmetic techniques. However, it is necessary to have the proper doctor perform this operation because this is not a change that can be easily undone.

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Making sure the lips look completely natural after enhancement is crucial and this is only possible if the doctors know the intricate points of the lip where injecting has to be done. Even some celebrities have undergone enhancement and come out with a lip that looks unnaturally inflated and completely unattractive.




Lip Solutions by Dr. Nirdosh

Dr. Nirdosh is known over the world for her lip augmentation London services which are operating in London. Often referred to as the ‘Artisan of Lips’, she is recognized for her knowledge of the complexities of the structure of the lip. She is known for her long-term experience in cosmetic surgery procedures and her treatments are known to be highly effective. Her service is also quite popular and desirable because of the safety and assurance of quality.



How does this treatment work?

Once you have decided how you want to augment your lip you can request for an arrangement of a private one on one consultation with Dr. Nirdosh. This will be absolutely free of charge and the doctor will just examine your situation and would offer advice on the best course forward.

Carmen Delloriface On Catwalk 2013 Looking Perfect- Dr Nirdosh Cosmetic News

Carmen Dell Orifice was born before Fahion Week even existed and she walked NYFW


After finalizing the shape and structure you want, lip fillers can be injected in any part of the entire lip structure including the vermilion line, cupid’s bow, lip body, lip outer line and the lip corners. In many cases, multiple parts of the lip need work to make sure one gets the perfect lip at the end. Dr. Nirdosh is known for her high-profile celebrity clients with whom she has worked and helped their career blossom by making sure they have the exact look they want.

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