Treat Your Wrinkles and Frown Lines with Dr Nirdosh Botox Treatment London

Botox treatment of wrinkles and frown lines is the most popular form of treatment to defy the old age curses on the skin. It is an FDA approved cosmetic surgery which is totally safe. The Botox injections prescribed and given by Dr Nirdosh Clinic have shown tremendous success in eliminating wrinkles and frown lines thus making Dr Nirdosh the best Botox Doctor in London.

Botox - Frowning copy.jpg

About the treatment

Botulinum toxin type A is the toxin in Botox which is injected in order to minimize muscle activity in affected areas like lower central forehead, upper forehead and around the eyes. The patients need not to be anaesthetized during the Botox treatment. The Botox is injected into the muscles using a fine needle which may cause a little bit of pain to some patients.

Sometimes Botox can render the face expressionless if it is overdone especially in the forehead area. Side effects can also occur if the treatment is done by poorly trained doctors. So, it is very important that Botox treatment is done by a board certified doctor in dermatology.

Dr Nirdosh’s Clinic

Dr Nirdosh, at her clinic, leverages world-class technique to make sure clients get what they desire without making their face expressionless. Visiting Dr Nirdosh’s clinic is worth if you want to keep your natural beauty intact. The safety of the patients is the topmost priority here. Dr Nirdosh performs the treatment in such a way that there are minimal side effects and results start showing after 3-7 days. Her success has made her the most sought after cosmetic surgeon for all sorts of people from celebrities to business tycoons.

Dr Nirdosh provides the free consultation with regards to Botox treatment. So, book an appointment in advance to get treated by the most reputable Botox doctor in London.



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