Tear Trough Treatment to Reduce Dark Eyebags

With the increase in age, the areas under the eyes develop dark circles, sunken eyes and puffy under eye bags. With proper dermal filler injections, the affected areas under the eyes can be restored. The sensitiveness of the area under the eyes makes patients fearful. No one performs the Tear Trough treatment in London better than Dr Nirdosh.


Tear Trough treatment must be done as soon as one observes slight ageing effects under the eyes. The treatment involves injecting Dermal Filler in the areas under the bone of the eye socket. Dr Nirdosh uses Hyaluronic Acid to lift the hollow eye area and restore its volume. By doing so the dark circles are also eliminated or concealed. Her craftsmanship in performing the Tear Trough treatment soon gives the desired results. She beautifully blends the Dermal Filler into the contour of the cheekbones.

Dr Nirdosh is a renowned non-surgical cosmetic doctor for the restructuring of various intricate facial structures. Her clients hold her in high regard due to her enormous success rate and efficiency in dealing with complexities of the facial structure. Her treatment of Tear Trough in London not only attracts clients from the UK but also from the other parts of the globe. She guarantees the restoration of the beautiful eyes merely after 20 minutes of the Tear Trough treatment.

If you don’t want to miss the opportunity of being treated by Dr Nirdosh, then book a free consultation or meet her in her clinic at 10 Harley Street, London.