Botox in the UK with the Celebrity Doctor of Harley Street

Dr Nirdosh is the most prolific cosmetic doctor in London on Harley Street providing Botox in the UK to clients from all over the world. She is the celebrity cosmetic doctor and her Botox treatment is infamous worldwide and sought after. She is hailed as the best Botox doctor on Harley Street for Botox in the UK. Her clients list is a who’s who of beautiful people as she regularly works on both celebrities and private clients delivering is a highly personal service, with results of excellence.

Her clinic addresses the problem faced by thousands of women worldwide by eliminating the worry of how much is the cost of Botox in the UK, as she personally believes that cosmetic surgery and Botox prices shouldn’t become exclusive, and rather affordable to all men and women. Leading the by example, Dr Nirdosh’s Botox injections start at a mere £250 and this leading benchmark Harley Street treatment is provided at her exclusive clinic on Harley Street London.

Dr Nirdosh’s advanced anti ageing process of wrinkle eradication of the facial areas includes personally treating and eliminating with advanced Botox (Botulinum Toxin) techniques. Administered via a non invasive non surgical face lift procedure by the celebrity doctor in London, the ageing lines and muscle contracting which cause the initial wrinkle formation are wiped away and replaced with a beautiful frown free face with no signs of forehead wrinkles, tired drooping eyelid, or frowning.

Dr Nirdosh private London clinic on Harley Street welcomes new patients from round the world and the United Kingdom. Patients regularly saying they are so overjoyed to have found Dr Nirdosh as they had been searching for the best botox doctor in London and can clearly see how she is the exclusive celebrity cosmetic doctor to the stars.

As a leading published author and medical expert of anti ageing medicine Dr Nirdosh runs a free consultation clinic in the UK to women and men treading on the realms of cosmetic surgery consideration. This is paramount for patients wanting to alleviate anxieties and achieve the underlying desired results of perfection and beauty the first time – bar none!

The ageing process is a natural transition upon which the muscles degenerate and this includes facial muscles in the skin, commonly an area which is one of the first to suffer the signs of degenerative ageing. Dr Nirdosh also advises leading magazine editors and high socialite clients how to completely wipe out facial skin sagging, thin and wrinkly skin and deep set frown lines. Dr Nirdosh’s clinic is a private safe haven which eliminates the effects of ageing.

Her botox treatment is a leading Harley street procedure that targets specific areas including the jawline, chin augmentation, the upper and lower face. To determine whether you are a suitable candidate visit Dr Nirdosh’s Clinic by simply calling our Harley Street office on 020 7467 1524 and book yourself a FREE CONSULTATION with Dr Nirdosh to establish how to regain your years, youth and natural beauty


Anti Wrinkle Botox Injections! – See your face flourish with Dr Nirdosh!

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There are numerous points to think about prior to getting Botox shots. Choosing the ideal Botox Doctor for your therapy is so essential, if not the most essential factor to consider to guarantee your therapies are simply excellent and the wanted outcomes are constantly attained. In order for you to have that risk-free, beneficial and efficient Botox treatment encounter, take into consideration being dealt with by a certified, experienced and professional Botox Doctor from the Dr Nirdosh Clinic, as we do have among the Best Botox Doctor medical professional in London. Dr Nirdosh will explain why you suffer skin ageing and the science.

Dr Nirdosh is one of the most wonderful Botox Doctors in London – who promises results . She is a UK taught aesthetic medical professional and has all the essential registrations with the General Medical Council having actually functioned substantially for the NHS, a truth that several of her customers deem so encouraging on selecting a doctor who they trust.

Prior to your procedure for any sort of aesthetic therapy, you will certainly welcome  that the Dr Nirdosh Clinic likewise has the most greatest and ideal insurance protection’s for the treatment. This is for all our clients’ protection and comfort.

Having actually been ranked by my high profile customers as the Best Botox Doctor in London, my major concentration along with various other kinds of visual operations is constantly the end effects– and making them look impressive. She offers free-of-cost assessments for her customers that wish to understand additional information concerning the Botox treatments in specific– this is a real indicator of a calm contentment of customer satisfaction outranking cash as the determing aspect with Dr Nirdosh. Dr Nirdosh also offer a two week post consultation. This is crucial since Botox can easily take 2 weeks to reveal outcomes and being the Best Botox Doctor, Dr Nirdosh means to sustain her higher specifications by supplying all her customers with an observational chek-up after 2 weeks to inspect that the effects from the Botox are exactly what they planned. She will then supply yet another cost-free top-up if this is necessary to ensure the outcomes are accomplished– every time! You can have other treatments at that time aswell with Botox including fillers or a non surgical facelift. So What is a non-surgical facelift?

There have actually been stated instances where unethical specialists have actually utilized “artificial Botox” on their customer or have actually offered very weakened dosages and in some instances, utilized uncontrolled variations of Botox. Dr Nirdosh just makes use of the greatest grade Botox by Allergan the innovators of Botox, Her better specifications and better profile has actually resulted Allergan designating her a UK Ambassador for Botox. She reiterates, for ease and security, make certain that you are managed by London’s ideal Botox Doctor, Dr Nirdosh. In order for you to have that secure, beneficial and efficient Botox treatment encounter, think about being handled by a certified, competent and professional Botox Doctor from the Dr Nirdosh Clinic, as we do have one of the greatest Botox medical professionals in London.

Also note that now a Botox Treatment  for many medical conditions are available with Dr Nirdosh.

Nicole Kidman Admits to Botox – FINALLY!


Nicole Kidman Admits to Cosmetic Surgery Treatment Botox Injections


Nicole Kidman has made a surprising admission while discussing the process of getting older recently.

While many celebrities turn toward plastic surgery, 45-year-old Kidman swore off going under the needle. Kidman confessed to Botox.

“No surgery for me,” said the Australian actress speaking to Italian newspaper La Repubblica. “I did try Botox Injections.”.

The Oscar Award winner referred to her Botox experience as an “unfortunate move,” and said she was back to being “completely natural.”.

“Anybody can do anything to themselves,” Kidman noted. “I don’t judge – but personally, I believe in being physically fit. That’s how I was raised.”.

The “Cold Mountain” star is married to country music singer Keith Urban with whom she shares two daughters, in addition to her two children with ex-husband Tom Cruise.

Kidman has declared her surgery-free lifestyle in a previous interview with Marie Claire, stating, “To be honest, I am completely natural. I have nothing in my face or anything.”.

“I wear sunscreen,” she continued. And I’m very proud to say that.”.

Botox, or Botulinum toxin, is injected intravenously or intramuscularly and is intended to prevent sagging in the skin.

Visit Botox Doctor London Dr Nirdosh today for more information about this popular cosmetic treatment.

Allergan The Makers of Botox To Receive EU Approval For Overactive Bladder Control

Dr Nirdosh® | Allergan’s Botox to receive EU Approval for Bladder Control


Allergan says that Botox, best-known for its cure for wrinkles, is within the verge of currently being accredited in Europe to assist bladder control. Botox (botulinum toxin form A) has acquired a view through the Irish Medications Board to the therapy of idiopathic overactive bladder (OAB) with signs of urinary incontinence, urgency and frequency in older people that have an inadequate response to, or are intolerant of, anticholinergic medicines.

This is all based on Allergan’s Clinical Test Results on Bladder Control

The good view is based on the final results of two Section III trials involving, one hundred subjects. In these reports, sufferers who acquired qualified injections of Botox to the bladder muscle mass experienced an important and clinically relevant reaction to treatment when compared with the infamous placebo. Allergan pointed out that idiopathic OAB is “surprisingly prevalent in Europe”, with scientific tests indicating that as many as 16.6% of your inhabitants might arrive at a surgery with the problem. Of those, as many as 36% associate urinary incontinence connected with urgency

What Does Allergan’s President say about Bladder Control?

Douglas Ingram, president of Allergan in Europe, Africa plus the Middle East, claimed that getting powerful management over their bladder without having the dread of leakage just after only one treatment can be a major factor towards improving quality of everyday living for patients.
At the same time as remaining as a wrinkle smoother injectable, Botox is additionally made use of for a number of other indications, together with long-term migraine, certain facial spasms, cervical dystonia, increased sweating from the armpits plus the remedy of post-stroke spasticity in the hand and wrist.

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