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How the skin ages

SKIN AGEING by Dr Nirdosh


Wrinkles are visible as deep folds, ridges, creases and even fine lines in the skin which typically make their appearance as we age. We all get to experience what deep wrinkles can look like on our skin when we spend a long time submerged in water. First stage wrinkles commonly appear on the face as a result of facial expressions. Other factors that can cause facial wrinkles and skin aging include lifestyle traits such as smoking, sun damage, poor nutrition and lack of sleep, among others.

Skin is composed of three layers.

1.      The epidermis which is the external layer of the skin. It acts as a wall against the outside world.

2.      The second layer is the dermis. It houses the connective tissues, which are the structural basics of our skin. There are different kinds of connective tissue and they each have different functions. For instance, collagen is what gives strength to the skin while elastin keeps the skin elastic. There is one important structure found between the epidermis and the dermis, the dermal-epidermal junction.

3.      The third layer is the Subcutaneous Tissue. This bottom layer contains fat cells which are responsible for insulating the body and can give skin a full or plump look.

Main contributing factors to wrinkles and skin ageing:


Chronological Aging:

As we get older, the epidermal cells in skin gradually becomes less sticky and thinner. The thinner cells, in turn, give the skin a thinner appearance while the cells’ reduced stickiness lessens the efficacy of the barrier function which enables the skin to lose moisture, causing dryness. Ageing also causes the skin to produce less collagen and the elastin fibres start to wear down. The dermal-epidermal junction’s rete-ridges also flatten out which results in a more brittle skin.  At the bottom layer, the fat cells also become smaller which makes wrinkles and sagging more prominent. This is how the layers work in unison and the skin composition are affected by ageing.

Hormone Effects

Hormones I believe are the biggest cause of ageing and I have unlocked the ageing code and explained this in my book Dr Nirdosh’ Anti Ageing Secrets. Research suggests that the hormonal changes due to reduced estrogen production or menopause can also cause changes in the skin such as wrinkles.

Aging Effects of the Sun

Being exposed to ultraviolet light from the sun can be attributed to 90% of skin ageing clearly showing signs of premature ageing. The majority of these photo aging effects can start by the time at 20 years old.

Free Radicals:

Free radicals refer to the unstable molecules of oxygen which contain just one electron rather than the normal two. Free radicals can result in wrinkles because it activates metalloproteinase’s which destroys collagen. A number of factors can trigger this process such as being exposed to UV radiation from the sun, smoking and air pollution. This process occurring will instigate cross linkage formation which is the birth of a wrinkle.

Muscle Use:

Much-repeated facial expressions are known to cause the skin to lose elasticity, resulting in wrinkles. Frown lines and crows feet form due to the repeated contraction of the muscles in the eye area.


Gravity makes the sagging of the skin more prominent which in turn causes baggy eyelids and jowls.


Looking at your mother will give you a good indication of how the ageing principle of ‘mom-warping’ is not a new phenomenon but rather a fact you must learn to accept. This does not mean you cannot take prior action to change your youth destiny, but quite the opposite. If mom has not aged gracefully – it’s time to take action early to prevent you from following the same facial map.

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Face-Slapping. The Thai Cosmetic Treatment to Erase Wrinkles

Looking for an instant fix for those wrinkles? How about a slap in the face? It may seem rather extreme however, a San Francisco husband and wife duo would disagree.  A Thai cosmetic technique known as face-slapping “helps with wrinkles, makes your face slimmer and makes your pores smaller,” according to Mawin Sombuntham, who co-owns Tata Massage in San Francisco.

The crazy thing is people pay up to $350 for this wacky wrinkle treatment. The owner’s husband claims his wife can slap any ageing face back into shape.

Tata at the face-slapping salon she and her husband own in San Francisco.

Dr Nirdosh states ‘this might not be as crazy as you think as the force of the slap awakens  facial muscles that have been dormant for years by dilating the blood vessels, increasing blood flow to the area.  This creates mini skin cell tremors that instigate recovery to stimulate collagen production.

Tata will return to Thailand this year to learn butt-punching.

“It’s ancient Thai wisdom,” Sombuntham said. “It firms and shapes the butt.”


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Sleeping for Beauty

Sleeping for beauty requires more than just restful sleep


Sleep well last night? A youthful face requires more than just a good night sleep. Sleep on your back – it prevents wrinkles from forming on the face. Whilst your face is scrunched up against the pillow, areas prone to fine lines and deep wrinkles will set in.