Winter Skin Survival Tips


Dry, itchy and inflammed skin that is caused from dryness and dehydration is likely to surface during the winter time. Modification in temperatures and moisture, interior heating, scorching showers and baths, remove essential oils and wetness out of the skin creating harsh changes including crusting of the outer skin layers. If you believe, winter arrives with no consequences on the delicate skin dry broken skin and you need less preventative procedures than summer skin, think once more. Check out some of the essential winter skin survival tips for your wintertime overworked skin.

Moisturize effectively and your skin will certainly stay soft and supple all via winter. Dab the skin regularly with water in the top layers (skin surface) to reduce dryness and itchiness.

Bathing a luxury that comes with a beauty price tag. Scorching water bath breaks body oil that is easily washable. If you can not stay away from scorching bath, include oils like almond, sesame or other bath oils to your water.

Cleanse & Exfoliate – Prior to you begin your bath, scrub your skin with loofah. Avoid solid foundation active ingredients and anti bacterial items; select mild moisturizing rejuvenating items.

Drink water and loads of it! Beverages that are water based will do. Drink at the very least 8 – 10 glasses of water daily. By keeping your skin well moistened, your skin will certainly not experience dryness, breakouts and itchiness. Avoid too much consumption of caffeine drinks that removes moisture from the skin.

Maintain petrol jelly close at hand. Dab some of it on trouble regions to secure the moisture and recover the dry skin. You could massage it on all the dry locations of the body. It is a very calming back-up replacement for high irritation and problematic areas.

If possible attempt taking a multi vitamin daily such as City Fuel. This must be a complete multi vitamin and have high amounts of vitamins B, C & E. It will help your skin and also ward off infectious colds.

Sunscreen – Yes sunscreen. Use sunscreen in wintertime as you will in summer. Perfect sun block is one which is light, oil free and has SPF 15. This fends off high UV rays which are rampant at this time and can cause as much damage as they do in the peak of summertime.

If you could indulge for to going to day spas for a luxurious and renewing treatment for winter season overworked skin, there is nothing at all like it. A health spa and various other hydration treatments extremely moisten your skin and rejuvenate the mind and body during the holiday season.

The thing to remember here is that you have to keep your skin replenished and infused with lipids to have no adverse reactions during these cold wintery nights. For the perfect secret solution and a miracle capsule for skin moisture buy Dr NIRDOSH REHYDRA GLOW, the ult


Sleeping for Beauty

Sleeping for beauty requires more than just restful sleep


Sleep well last night? A youthful face requires more than just a good night sleep. Sleep on your back – it prevents wrinkles from forming on the face. Whilst your face is scrunched up against the pillow, areas prone to fine lines and deep wrinkles will set in.

Why Apricots Should Always Be On Your Summer Beauty List!


Are Apricots really that special? Should it be on my beauty list?

The Apricot fruit should have its importance status raised because of how much it can do for skin and health. It should be widely perceived as one of the main power super-foods, but it’s not.  The reason it is simply overlooked it that it’s easily accessible and relatively cheap to purchase. We seem to have the mindset that if something does not cost the earth then it has very little value. Well let me introduce you to secret affordable gem that should be on your summer beauty list.

Apricots have a stricking orange like look and that vivid colour is not without substance. This peach-like fruits colour contains a powerful antioxidant – Carotenoids. As soon as you eat the apricot your skin cells are rewarded with Carotenoids – a poweful antioxidant that works on the exterior of your skin. The free radicals within your skin will feel the fight back instantly and you gain the benfits with a more dewy glowing skin complextion.

So How Do The Carotenoids Do This Simply From An Apricot?

Our bodies have the ability to create certain vitamins and minerals from the foods we consume and as soon as we eat an apricot the Carotenoids (Beta-Carotene)  released into our body convert it into Vitamin A. Vitamin A is a leading contributer to the process of healthy, skin, hair and eyes. So by simply eating this fruit which is not only ticking the box of your 1-A-Day but also you gain a power antioxidant and Vitamin A.

So how many apricots should  I eat to get the benefits?

Firstly make sure they are fresh as the older they get the nutrients also start to diminish. The plus side it that they are super low in calories and are fat free plus they contain teenie tiny amount of carbs – so you can enjoy Apricots as a guilt free pleasure. Some men do not eat fruit as they deteste the sticky feeling – what if I say apricots help regulate your heart rate and blood pressure -suddenly having a sticky fruit is a small compromise for eating something that is not only good for your well being but can make your skin look beautiful. 2-3 Apricots can provide you with your daily Vitamin A amount and just so you know they also contain Vitamin C, and E.

Dr Nirdosh | Apricot Tips:

  1. Try to buy organic so there are no pesticides.
  2. Dried Apricots have a higher Nutrition Value – but do contain more carbs.
  3. Experiment with Apricots in fruit salads, tartes and remember they do come in yoghurts and ice creams.
  4. Apricots do also contain Lycopene – normally associated with the humble tomatoe. Lycopene promotes good immunity and well being.

Apricots also help regulate your heart and blood pressure, they conatin a rich diverse source of minerals such as zinc, pottasium, calcium and magnesium.

Are Your Jimmy Choo’s Necking A Bottle Of Perfume

How do you stop stinky shoes ?

OK here is the dilemma; you buy the shoes you have been lusting over for weeks. Finally an occasion arrives where you get to wear them. Instead of wearing them, you put them down and decide not to. Why?…You can’t face the thought that your sweaty feet could ruin your desirable piece of art – your shoes. So what do you do?

Botox for the feet right ?

I have been asked many times whether this is possible. The answer is yes. Hyperhidrosis or sweating as it commonly known is a big problem and the feet are no immune. lnjecting Botox correctly into specific points into the soles of the feet can cure this medical concern and stop the sweaty feet syndrome.

Toe Surgery ?

Some women like to take it a step further and also request toe surgery. They want to combat the sweat issue and improve look of their feet. The second toe on the foot can sometimes be longer than the big toe and this can become an issue of concern when wearing shoes. They want it cut-down so it falls in line with their other toes and looks more pleasing.

This is a cosmetic surgical procedure you should not take lightly, as I always say when you have botox you do not walk on your forehead, whereas with your feet if the procedure causes complications your mobility is at risk.

The positive about dealing with sweaty feet with botox is that you get to kill two birds with one stone. You eliminate sweaty feet and your sexy shoes remain smelling new month after month. Let’s be honest there is nothing more horrid than seeing your Jimmy Choos necking half a bottle of perfume.

Dr Nirdosh’s Advice On How To Get Skin To Glow Naturally

Skin Food Water (H2O)

The periodic symbol for our most precious element – Water! It amazes me at how many medical conditions can be cured simply by consuming water – but so very few people like the taste. Knowledge is power and unfortunately most of us are misinformed at the importance of water. If we all knew the power of water, we would all drink much more. I’m not going to lecture you on the wider benefits but I am going to educate you on the topic of beauty and its relationship with water.

83% of your blood is made of water and 22% of your bones also consist of water. But the big heavy weight that requires water is Muscle. 75% of all your muscle is water. If you deplete your sources, your body will lose its muscle mass. The result is accelerated ageing and dangerous.

Imagine you arrive at my clinic and say you want to plump your facial wrinkles naturally. If your face looks sunken, dehydrated and pale, you can rest assured this is partly down to your lack on water consumption. Water actually plumps wrinkles and this is why I regularly advise clients to understand the difference between normal skin creams and advanced anti ageing treatment creams. If you acquire a cream with a high water soluble base and contains hyaluronic acid in the cream that provokes feeding your face with water.

There is also the aspect surrounding weight gain. The majority of people struggling to lose weight do not drink enough water. They have lost the distinction between hunger and thirst. To regain control you need to know when your body knows is thirsty.  Just grasping back control will kick-start rapid weight loss as water is negative calories in whereas food is not.

A trick to eating healthy and consuming water in one go is to eat water fruits. These are things like cucumbers, watermelons etc. They are about 90% water and super high in free radical fighting antioxidants.

The tell tale signs you are not consuming enough water are dark urine, dry dehydrated skin, constant thirst, always feeling hungry and chronic fatigue. You can see that if you don’t drink water regularly your health will suffer. Your face will age prematurely this is for sure. It becomes more prone to fine lines and wrinkles. The skin loses its precious elasticity. Oh and just so you know, water transports nutrients and oxygen into skin cells direct giving the skin cells longevity. Meaning skin cells live longer and so do you!

What Dr Nirdosh Prescribes!

It’s easy to dish out advice that you should drink two litres a day but the Nirdosh Nutrition way is different. I tell my clients that first you must love the taste of water. If you ask 10 people if they like the taste of water, most would say no. I love water and its taste as I know the benefits. Now so do you! I recommend a prescription of two glasses of water a day for 1 week. When you have done this with ease you increase it to three and you stick to this for a month. You do not increase it. The goal here is for you to love the taste of water and therefore it becomes a life habit not a formality which is a short term fix. Once you have stuck to the three glasses of water for a month, you go for four a day. Do this for a month and you should feel so energized, see your weight drop, see your skin clear up and your face becomes fuller and plumper and fresher. Now you love the taste of water too, you can increase your consumption accordingly.

Re energize ageing actually occurs from the inside even in u stay in the sun all, day – so keep a bottle of warm water with u at all times.

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Your Free Face-lift Using Egg

Yes, it is true let me reveal to you that the humble little egg can give you an instant facelift with dramatic results which last up to two hours. Two hours only you say – but that is more than enough to look decades younger for a night out. You will have everyone wondering how you are looking so amazing! Lets make this clear, I do not mean the egg yolk, this must be made redundant. We are talking purely about the egg whites.

I have always admired the power of egg whites and the goodness that comes from them. It doesn’t surprise me that something so special can give you a face-lift. They contain seriously high amounts of protein. Proteins are the building blocks required for a stable strong body. Plus they are also amino acid proteins, the best type of protein. They also contain complex vitamins and minerals including Vitamin B and Selenium. Both these help fight against cancer and promote overall better body functionality.

Ok. Firstly you need to get two eggs, crack them open and discard the yolks. Whisk the egg whites for 10 seconds. Now spread the egg whites with your fingers direct onto your face not getting too close to the eye area. Leave it on for 30 minute or so and then wash off with warm water.

This is the Dr Nirdosh Face-Lift for those who want to be frugal. The results are really good. Your skin will tighten. It will also firm loose saggy skin and make wrinkles seem less noticeable, the perfect short-term facelift.

How it works?

The eggs contain Vitamin A. Vitamin A promotes wound healing to wipe out wrinkles and increase the loss of skin elasticity. It also promotes the production of skin sebum. This is the oil that naturally moisturize your skin but production declines with age.

Organic Eggs are the only option

Yes you must only use organic eggs as they contain no pesticides. This way no pesticides come in contact with your skin surface. Lastly, if you experience any redness or allergy stop straight away as the egg face lift can cause skin inflammation.