BOTOX vs FILLERS | DrNirdosh Harley Street

Today cosmetic treatments have transformed and surgical ways are overtaken by the non-surgical procedure. Non-surgical procedure that means injectable procedures are very much in trend for the treating aging skin and correcting facial problems. Most common of these procedure are fillers and Botox. DrNirdosh, a London-based cosmetic doctor is famous for such cosmetic treatments and has been successful in introducing this procedure to the people.

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The basic difference between Botox and fillers is that Botox is an anti-wrinkle injection used for treating visual lines and wrinkles on the skin whereas fillers are on a larger scale provides volume and padding to the aged and sagging skin. Fillers are prescribed only when there is a serious issue and a major problematic area but Botox can be used for moving lines on the skin that newly formed and can be treated easily. So, now you know which one you should take depending on the severity of your aging problems.


For any kind of skin aging issues you can consult DrNirdosh. She provides free consultation on visits and can explain you in detail of each treatment. The good thing about DrNirdosh is that she will not only describe about the cosmetic procedure but also will explain why you have a particular problem, how it came and how you can get rid of it. Thus, she is one of the leading cosmetic doctors in London and has treated a number of celebrities and high-profile personalities.

Botox Treatment

So, whether you need lip filler or Botox, you can consult with DrNirdosh. If it is any early sign of aging then you can take Botox for rejuvenation of your skin but if it is a prolonged issue then you may have to go for fillers to get back the youthful appearance. For any type of skin aging issues whether wrinkles, fine lines, lip problems, sagging issues, you can book your appointment with DrNirdosh at Harley Street, London.

Get the Glow With Dr Nirdosh

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