Dr Nirdosh Tear Trough Treatment to Restore Youthful Eyes


Tear Trough is a treatment which can vanish darkness that occurs with aging. Dr Nirdosh is one of the leading cosmetic doctors in London practicing tear trough treatment. Book your Tear Trough treatment with Dr Nirdosh to improve concerns with eye bags, dark circles, sunken and tired looking eyes and restore your youthful eyes!


Non-Surgical Silhouette Soft Face Lift for Lasting Results


Silhouette Soft Face Lift treats both volume loss in the cheek area, and reduces nasolabial folds, jowls, neck and jawline laxity. This non-invasive treatment is effective for both men and women. Dr Nirdosh’s silhouette face lift treatment showcases one’s true inner beauty. Her non-surgical enhanced techniques provide spectacular results.

Why Choose Dr. Nirdosh For Lip Fillers In London?


Lips play an important role in accentuating the beauty of the face. Lip fillers are a form of lip augmentation which enhanced the volume of the lips and diminishes lines around the mouth. Known as the “The Artisan of The Lips”, Dr. Nirdosh is a world-renowned cosmetic doctor who has perfected the art of lip augmentation via lip fillers.

About the treatment

In lip augmentation technique, an experienced cosmetic surgeon injects dermal fillers formed from hyaluronic acid to plump up the lips. Dr. Nirdosh with utmost precision injects points around the lip area so that the lips are reshaped in such a way that it looks completely natural.

Why Is Dr. Nirdosh Best For Lip Augmentation London?

  1. Nirdosh has vast knowledge about the complexities surrounding the lips. She fully understands the reasons behind abnormal lip structures.
  2. No one performs the lip augmentation process better than Dr. Nirdosh.
  3. She is fully aware of the reasons behind the development of wrinkles on lips as one ages and knows the ways to rectify or at least slow it down.
  4. Nirdosh’s way of treatment is non-invasive and safe without having any side effects
  5. Clients get naturally looking beautiful fuller lips without showcasing any signs of undergoing the cosmetic procedure.
  6. Nirdosh lip filler treatment involves the treatment of the entire lip structure, vermilion line, the cupids bow, the lip corners, the lip body and the lip outer line.

If you want to book a free consultation with Dr. Nirdosh at her clinic in Harley Street London, then call her at 02074671524.



How Dr. Nirdosh Is The Best Celebrity Doctor In Harley Street?

Talented doctors like Dr. Nirdosh have been successfully able to delay the adverse effects of ageing on the beautiful faces. Dr. Nirdosh’s clinic, in Harley Street London, is one of the most sought-after cosmetic clinics in the world.

Here are some of the services provided by Dr. Nirdosh in her clinic:

Dermal Fillers

With the help of high-quality premier injections made of hyaluronic acid, Dr. Nirdosh restores the beautiful face by tightening the facial skin muscles, eradicating deep-set wrinkles, removing the face tiredness syndrome, uplifting saggy jowls, reconstructing contour deformities and decreasing the shadow of the lower lids. The treatment is totally non-invasive without having any major side effects barring a very light bit of bruising. The dermal filler treatment is done aesthetically such that it lasts between 12 to 18 months.

Advanced Lip Augmentation

Dr. Nirdosh’s accomplishments in the lip augmentation treatment have led to her being called “Artisans of the Lips” by her clients. Dr. Nirdosh skillfully injects points around the lip area to give the lips a voluptuous natural shape. Dr. Nirdosh understands the intricacies of the lip structure and why problems like wrinkles come up when one ages. Her lip augmentation treatment covers the entire lip structure from the cupids bow, vermillion line to lip corners, lip body, and lip outline.

Tear Trough

In the tear trough treatment, Dr. Nirdosh injects the dermal fillers made from hyaluronic acid around the eye socket areas. She uses her craftsmanship to use the hyaluronic acid to plump up the hollow eye area to enhance the volume and eradicate the dark circles around the eye. She provides instant results within 20 minutes of the tear trough treatment.

Soft Silhouette Thread Lift

Dr. Nirdosh is a master in performing the soft silhouette thread face-lifting procedure. She uses local anesthesia on the face and then places Bio-Absorbable Polypropylene Silhouette Augmentation Threads under the skin layers. She lifts the face by tightening the threads. The treatment gives a younger and fresher look to the facial structure making one feel 10 years younger.

Botox Injections

Dr. Nirdosh’s clinic offers premium high-quality Botox injections that eliminate wrinkles and frown lines. Dr. Nirdosh uses proven methodologies to make sure the Botox treatment does not make the face freeze making it look expressionless. The patients can see the outcome of the results within 3-4 days and are given a guarantee that there won’t be any side effects. The Botox treatment done by Dr. Nirdosh has dramatically changed the facial outlook of women making them more beautiful.

Her experience and knowledge in the field of cosmetic surgery are what sets her apart from other cosmetic surgeons. The non-invasive, effective treatment of various problems related to face without showing any side effects attracts a large number of clients that includes celebrities and business tycoons. Dr. Nirdosh’s clinic offers free consultation services to help clients facing various ageing ailments. To know more about Dr. Nirdosh and her clinic look up on the website or call at the phone number 02074671524.



Tear Trough Treatment to Reduce Dark Eyebags

With the increase in age, the areas under the eyes develop dark circles, sunken eyes and puffy under eye bags. With proper dermal filler injections, the affected areas under the eyes can be restored. The sensitiveness of the area under the eyes makes patients fearful. No one performs the Tear Trough treatment in London better than Dr Nirdosh.


Tear Trough treatment must be done as soon as one observes slight ageing effects under the eyes. The treatment involves injecting Dermal Filler in the areas under the bone of the eye socket. Dr Nirdosh uses Hyaluronic Acid to lift the hollow eye area and restore its volume. By doing so the dark circles are also eliminated or concealed. Her craftsmanship in performing the Tear Trough treatment soon gives the desired results. She beautifully blends the Dermal Filler into the contour of the cheekbones.

Dr Nirdosh is a renowned non-surgical cosmetic doctor for the restructuring of various intricate facial structures. Her clients hold her in high regard due to her enormous success rate and efficiency in dealing with complexities of the facial structure. Her treatment of Tear Trough in London not only attracts clients from the UK but also from the other parts of the globe. She guarantees the restoration of the beautiful eyes merely after 20 minutes of the Tear Trough treatment.

If you don’t want to miss the opportunity of being treated by Dr Nirdosh, then book a free consultation or meet her in her clinic at 10 Harley Street, London.


Treat Your Wrinkles and Frown Lines with Dr Nirdosh Botox Treatment London

Botox treatment of wrinkles and frown lines is the most popular form of treatment to defy the old age curses on the skin. It is an FDA approved cosmetic surgery which is totally safe. The Botox injections prescribed and given by Dr Nirdosh Clinic have shown tremendous success in eliminating wrinkles and frown lines thus making Dr Nirdosh the best Botox Doctor in London.

Botox - Frowning copy.jpg

About the treatment

Botulinum toxin type A is the toxin in Botox which is injected in order to minimize muscle activity in affected areas like lower central forehead, upper forehead and around the eyes. The patients need not to be anaesthetized during the Botox treatment. The Botox is injected into the muscles using a fine needle which may cause a little bit of pain to some patients.

Sometimes Botox can render the face expressionless if it is overdone especially in the forehead area. Side effects can also occur if the treatment is done by poorly trained doctors. So, it is very important that Botox treatment is done by a board certified doctor in dermatology.

Dr Nirdosh’s Clinic

Dr Nirdosh, at her clinic, leverages world-class technique to make sure clients get what they desire without making their face expressionless. Visiting Dr Nirdosh’s clinic is worth if you want to keep your natural beauty intact. The safety of the patients is the topmost priority here. Dr Nirdosh performs the treatment in such a way that there are minimal side effects and results start showing after 3-7 days. Her success has made her the most sought after cosmetic surgeon for all sorts of people from celebrities to business tycoons.

Dr Nirdosh provides the free consultation with regards to Botox treatment. So, book an appointment in advance to get treated by the most reputable Botox doctor in London.


Best Anti-ageing Best Botox Doctor London Treatment with Dr Nirdosh

Although Best Botox doctor London treatment  can be an effective and quick way of fixing problems that come with ageing, it can go horribly wrong if not done correctly.Choosing the right doctor for your treatment is thus of paramount importance. Dr Nirdosh is one of the most sought after cosmetic doctors by celebrities and A-listers.


dr nirdosh celebrity doctor1 copy


About the treatment

It must be stated that Botox treatment is quite a permanent change if done improperly can leave patients with a face that looks devoid of any expressions.However, when executed perfectly, it is an excellent way of preventing the skin from creasing and forming any new wrinkles. The entire procedure is done through injections into facial muscles and does not involve any type of anaesthesia.

Fashion-Lips-Augmentation copy


Dr Nirdosh’s clinic

One of the reasons Dr Nirdosh is so popular is that not only are clients assured of top drawer cosmetic treatment but can also avail of insurance coverage before opting for any of the procedures. With the safety of patients always being a top priority, it’s no surprise Dr Nirdosh is rated so highly by former clients. Free consultations are offered for clients here for anyone having queries about any kind of cosmetic procedures.



Dr Nirdosh has a compulsory follow-up policy which involves checking up on any patients after a cosmetic treatment. With her main clinic based in the heart of the city at Dermal Fillers  Harley Street, it is no surprise she is considered one of the best Botox doctors in London.


Thailands Celebrity Whos Loves Cosmetic Surgery

Thailands Celebrity Whos Loves Cosmetic Surgery

Dr Nirdosh For Unique Lip Augmentation London Service

Nowadays lip augmentation London has become a fad among celebrities and many women are changing their look through advanced cosmetic techniques. However, it is necessary to have the proper doctor perform this operation because this is not a change that can be easily undone.

dr nirdosh celebrity doctor1 copy

Making sure the lips look completely natural after enhancement is crucial and this is only possible if the doctors know the intricate points of the lip where injecting has to be done. Even some celebrities have undergone enhancement and come out with a lip that looks unnaturally inflated and completely unattractive.




Lip Solutions by Dr. Nirdosh

Dr. Nirdosh is known over the world for her lip augmentation London services which are operating in London. Often referred to as the ‘Artisan of Lips’, she is recognized for her knowledge of the complexities of the structure of the lip. She is known for her long-term experience in cosmetic surgery procedures and her treatments are known to be highly effective. Her service is also quite popular and desirable because of the safety and assurance of quality.



How does this treatment work?

Once you have decided how you want to augment your lip you can request for an arrangement of a private one on one consultation with Dr. Nirdosh. This will be absolutely free of charge and the doctor will just examine your situation and would offer advice on the best course forward.

Carmen Delloriface On Catwalk 2013 Looking Perfect- Dr Nirdosh Cosmetic News

Carmen Dell Orifice was born before Fahion Week even existed and she walked NYFW


After finalizing the shape and structure you want, lip fillers can be injected in any part of the entire lip structure including the vermilion line, cupid’s bow, lip body, lip outer line and the lip corners. In many cases, multiple parts of the lip need work to make sure one gets the perfect lip at the end. Dr. Nirdosh is known for her high-profile celebrity clients with whom she has worked and helped their career blossom by making sure they have the exact look they want.

collagen INJECTION - 202 copyp31216301201

Dermal Filler Injections by Dr Nirdosh For Celebrities

With aging, signs of wrinkles, sagginess in skin, dullness, and tiredness appear on the face. The natural look of the face begins to diminish bit by bit and it starts to lose its youthful charm. Especially in the case of high-profile women and celebrities, this phenomenon acts as a drawback for one’s profession as well as in social circle!

To restore the youthfulness of skin is important in order to get back that alluring look and boost one’s confidence! And not just celebs but in fact, every lady deserves to look her best at every age!

Skin Solution by Dr. Nirdosh

Dr. Nirdosh, a revered cosmetic surgeon offers solutions to such skin problems with her effective dermal filler treatment London! Set up in the UK, Dr. Nirdosh’s clinic treats every unwanted sign of skin aging and reforms the underlying youthful skin. As a result, her dermal filler treatment is highly popular, recommended and admired amongst savvy women!

dr nirdosh celebrity doctor1 copy

How does this treatment work?

Dr. Nirdosh realises that surgery is not a solution. Therefore, she uses easy and effective dermal filler injection to treat the age causing hyaluronic acid in the body and restore one’s youthful appearance once again!

Dermal fillers are directly injected into the skin where treatment is required. It can treat the saggy neck hollows, fill under-eye hollowness, treat fine wrinkles, tighten skin elasticity, remove tiredness on the face and rejuvenate skin. Though temporary and lasting for about 12 to 18 months, this treatment is effective and has no major side-effects!

What more, Dr.Nirdosh offers a free consultation for dermal filler treatment London and her other skin solutions as well!

BOTOX vs FILLERS | DrNirdosh Harley Street

Today cosmetic treatments have transformed and surgical ways are overtaken by the non-surgical procedure. Non-surgical procedure that means injectable procedures are very much in trend for the treating aging skin and correcting facial problems. Most common of these procedure are fillers and Botox. DrNirdosh, a London-based cosmetic doctor is famous for such cosmetic treatments and has been successful in introducing this procedure to the people.

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The basic difference between Botox and fillers is that Botox is an anti-wrinkle injection used for treating visual lines and wrinkles on the skin whereas fillers are on a larger scale provides volume and padding to the aged and sagging skin. Fillers are prescribed only when there is a serious issue and a major problematic area but Botox can be used for moving lines on the skin that newly formed and can be treated easily. So, now you know which one you should take depending on the severity of your aging problems.


For any kind of skin aging issues you can consult DrNirdosh. She provides free consultation on visits and can explain you in detail of each treatment. The good thing about DrNirdosh is that she will not only describe about the cosmetic procedure but also will explain why you have a particular problem, how it came and how you can get rid of it. Thus, she is one of the leading cosmetic doctors in London and has treated a number of celebrities and high-profile personalities.

Botox Treatment

So, whether you need lip filler or Botox, you can consult with DrNirdosh. If it is any early sign of aging then you can take Botox for rejuvenation of your skin but if it is a prolonged issue then you may have to go for fillers to get back the youthful appearance. For any type of skin aging issues whether wrinkles, fine lines, lip problems, sagging issues, you can book your appointment with DrNirdosh at Harley Street, London.

Get the Glow With Dr Nirdosh

So How Do You Get Your Skin To Glow Like These Celebrities?