Best Anti-ageing Best Botox Doctor London Treatment with Dr Nirdosh

Although Best Botox doctor London treatment  can be an effective and quick way of fixing problems that come with ageing, it can go horribly wrong if not done correctly.Choosing the right doctor for your treatment is thus of paramount importance. Dr Nirdosh is one of the most sought after cosmetic doctors by celebrities and A-listers.


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About the treatment

It must be stated that Botox treatment is quite a permanent change if done improperly can leave patients with a face that looks devoid of any expressions.However, when executed perfectly, it is an excellent way of preventing the skin from creasing and forming any new wrinkles. The entire procedure is done through injections into facial muscles and does not involve any type of anaesthesia.

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Dr Nirdosh’s clinic

One of the reasons Dr Nirdosh is so popular is that not only are clients assured of top drawer cosmetic treatment but can also avail of insurance coverage before opting for any of the procedures. With the safety of patients always being a top priority, it’s no surprise Dr Nirdosh is rated so highly by former clients. Free consultations are offered for clients here for anyone having queries about any kind of cosmetic procedures.



Dr Nirdosh has a compulsory follow-up policy which involves checking up on any patients after a cosmetic treatment. With her main clinic based in the heart of the city at Dermal Fillers  Harley Street, it is no surprise she is considered one of the best Botox doctors in London.


Thailands Celebrity Whos Loves Cosmetic Surgery

Thailands Celebrity Whos Loves Cosmetic Surgery


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